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September 21, 2022 | 4 minute read
Jean Ihm
Product Manager, Oracle Spatial and Graph
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graph iconWould you like to explore relationships and discover connections in data, which are hidden from standard relational queries and models?  With graph technologies, you can do just that. Graphs are solving many real world problems today – fighting financial fraud, analyzing social networks, making smarter manufacturing workflows, and sharing data across organizations easily on the web – just to name a few. With Oracle Graph, part of Oracle’s converged database, graph analytics are right in Oracle Autonomous Database and Oracle Database. There’s no need to set up a separate database and move data, and, your graph data benefits from Oracle’s enterprise-level security and strong support for data workloads.

At Oracle CloudWorld in Las Vegas, we’ll have several sessions, demos, and hands on labs, from the product team and customers, for you to learn more about Oracle Graph in Oracle Autonomous Database. Whether you are a developer, DBA, analyst, or business manager, there’s something here for you.

Want to learn more?

Explore these sessions at Oracle CloudWorld.

  • Analyze Connections and Find Patterns in Data with Graphs [LRN3523] – Start here to learn about the Graph Studio feature of Oracle Autonomous Database.  We’ll cover customer use cases, exciting new features, and getting started with graphs in minutes.
  • Graph Analytics for SQL Developers [LRN1502] – SQL developers can now use popular, built-in database tools to work with graphs. See code examples to easily create graphs from relational tables, and query, analyze, and visualize graphs – all using Graph Studio in Oracle Autonomous Database.
  • Learning on Graphs with Explainable Graph Neural Networks [LRN1279] – Get an overview of graph neural networks, and industry applications in cybersecurity, healthcare, and retail.
  • Financial Crime and Compliance—Transforming Text Documents to Graphs [LRN3582] –  See a demo of a natural language processing pipeline that can automatically transform financial text documents (suspicious activity reports) into knowledge graphs, for easier visual inspection and further processing.
  • Graph Machine Learning for Healthcare and Cybersecurity [LRN3583] – We will discuss use cases in healthcare and cybersecurity, where the graph data model is used to aggregate information from various heterogeneous data sources.
  • Graph-Charged Cybersecurity Intelligence [LRN1269] – Get the details of the Oracle threat detection pipeline to build a real-time, smarter, deeper, yet interpretable cybersecurity intelligence system.
  • Turbocharge Fraud Detection with AI and Graph Analytics on Data Lakehouses [LRN3476] – Discover how our customers are combining Oracle Graph and Oracle AI services to achieve outstanding results in analyzing financial services data.
  • When Property Graphs Join SQL [LRN3789] – With the new SQL/PGQ extension of SQL, developers can create and query property graphs in SQL using the SQL tool of their choice.
  • Enhancing Financial Crime and Compliance with ML for Entity Resolution [LRN1270] – We’ll share machine learning and graph techniques that Oracle Financial Services Crime and Compliance Studio uses to enable compliance objectives.  

View Graph sessions in the OCW Session Catalog. Use the Favorite function to bookmark all the sessions that you don't want to miss.

Learn by doing – try out Oracle Graph with hands-on labs.

Want to see a demo?  Head to the demogrounds at the CloudWorld Hub. You can ask questions to our expert team, and see a live demo of property graphs, RDF graphs, developer APIs for high performance graph queries and graph analytics algorithms, and automation with Graph Studio in Autonomous Database.  

Oracle CloudWorld is a great place to learn from the experts, and to connect with your peers.  We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas! 

View the Graph OCW Agenda.

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Jean Ihm

Product Manager, Oracle Spatial and Graph

Jean Ihm is a product manager for Oracle's spatial and graph technologies for database, big data, and cloud platforms.  She works on product release activities, interacts with customers and partners worldwide, engages with presales, and helps organize user events.  She is based at Oracle headquarters in Redwood Shores, CA, and collaborates closely with the spatial and graph development team in Nashua, NH.

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