Experience Exadata - The World’s Best Oracle Database Platform, at CloudWorld

September 1, 2022 | 4 minute read
Tammy Bednar
Senior Director of Product Management
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The Cloud modernizes your IT architecture, accelerates application development and deployment, and enhances business agility. Oracle’s yearly conference is transforming with the Cloud as well, and it’s back with a new name and location – Oracle CloudWorld in Las Vegas!

Oracle Cloud World

Even if you haven’t migrated any workloads to the Cloud yet, don’t let the name deter you from attending Oracle CloudWorld. We’re here to join you in your Cloud transition. I am excited to invite you to these sessions to learn more about the world’s fastest on-premises and cloud database platform – Exadata.

Why Exadata?

Oracle Exadata has been the industry leading database platform for over 10 years and has been established as the best performing, highest available, and most secure platform for deploying Oracle databases. Exadata is built on standard servers with the latest hardware technology combined with a scale-out architecture while Exadata software provides the secret sauce. Database aware system software with enhanced features and algorithms that, when combined with the hardware, provide the best OLTP, Analytics, and Consolidation platform. The performance, scale, and availability of Exadata provides organizations with higher value by enabling more work with fewer resources and greater consolidation of database workloads.

Intrigued? Read on.

Exadata offers flexible deployment choices. It is available on-premises with Exadata Database Machine and is the foundation for Autonomous Database and Exadata Database Service in Oracle Cloud. Autonomous Database is the simplest cloud database service for running any application at any scale or criticality. It uses machine learning driven automation to eliminate human labor, human error, and manual tuning, thereby reducing deployment costs and administrative complexities. Exadata Database Service is co-managed by Oracle and customers. Oracle manages the infrastructure while customers manage the operating systems and databases in virtual machines running on the system using cloud automation, giving customers more control over their operating environment.

Want to learn more?

Experience these sessions at Oracle CloudWorld.

And enhance your Exadata expertise with hands-on labs.

But wait, the Exadata experience continues. Looking for a demo? Come on over to the demogrounds to ask questions to our expert staffers and see a live demo of Autonomous Database, Exadata Database Service, Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC), Zero Downtime Migration (ZDM), and more.

While you are in the demogrounds, check out some Lightening Sessions.

  • Which Cloud Database Service is right for you?
  • Using Terraform/Ansible with Exadata Database Services for database life cycle management
  • How to use OCI Vault with Exadata Database Service on Dedicated Infrastructure
  • Monitoring and notifications on Exadata Database Service
  • A Glimpse under the Hood of Autonomous Database's High Availability and Scalability Features

Oracle CloudWorld is a great way to network and interact with other customers face-to-face, all while learning about Exadata from Oracle experts and developers.

Register for Oracle CloudWorld today!

Tammy Bednar

Senior Director of Product Management

Tammy has worked in the computer industry for more than 26 years. Oracle hired her in the Database Support Organization 26 years ago and she has been involved with database releases since version 6.0.36. Tammy started her product management career with the database High Availability team with Recovery Manager (RMAN), database backup and recovery,  and Database Security development team, focusing on auditing, Oracle Audit Vault and Oracle Database Firewall, and Oracle Database Appliance. Tammy is an outbound product manager and focuses on the Exadata Database Cloud Services and Oracle Enterprise & Standard Database Services.

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