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  • August 25, 2014

ZFS Across the Data Center

Cindy Swearingen
Principal Product Manager

Previously, I described ZFS as the foundation of the Solaris OS because it is completely integrated in the core Solaris OS providing many key functions:

  • Integrated Recovery and Provisioning
    • ZFS boot environments for quick failsafe recovery
    • ZFS snapshot and cloning for rapid provisioning
    • Automated system recovery and cloning
  • Integrated VM Scalability
    • Reduce VM storage footprints with ZFS compression
    • Share VM data over NFS, SMB, iSCSI, or FC
    • VM hosting on block or object storage
  • Integrated Data Security
    • Hierarchical checksums and redundant data
    • Data encryption throughout the stack
    • VM file systems can be locked down with read-only ZFS file systems

ZFS File System Compatibility

ZFS is supported on both Solaris 11 and Solaris 10 systems and across Oracle Solaris Zones and LDOMs. This means you can reduce the number of different file systems that you are trying to manage across the same hardware, when running on bare metal or virtualization or both. UFS or other file system data can easily be migrated across systems by using ZFS's shadow migration feature.

The amount of time and energy to manage file systems is reduced when you are managing the same, simple file system across your data center. File system management compatibility saves both time and money.

Complete Data Storage Solution

Oracle's ZFS storage appliance is based on both the ZFS file system and the Solaris OS. This world- class storage appliance provides robust data protection and all the ZFS features that you know and love in an easily managed box. And, with the best price performance in the industry.

You can boot zones, LDOMs, or VMware images on this appliance as well as quickly diagnose any problems with dtrace analytics. You can easily deploy and boot 10K+ virtual images on a ZS3-2 cluster.

If you haven't had a chance to take a ZFS storage appliance for a spin, you should. And, not just because it is a great storage solution at a great value. Standardizing on ZFS across your data center simplifies and reduces data storage management.

This week in San Francisco, the Oracle ZFS storage appliance team announces exciting and new VMware API integrations at VMworld.  For more information, stop by VMworld 2014, Booth #205.

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