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  • July 7, 2015

Welcome to Oracle Solaris 11.3 ZFS

Cindy Swearingen
Principal Product Manager

This blog introduces Oracle Solaris 11.3, our enterprise cloud infrastructure environment that provides many new features that you can read about here.

ZFS provides a secure, simple, and efficient foundation for supporting the Oracle Solaris infrastructure so I'm excited about the new ZFS features that are included in the Solaris 11.3 Beta release. Here are few highlights:

  • Efficient and Flexible
    • LZ4 compression: Enabling this compression algorithm generally achieves a higher compression ratio with better system performance. If your system is well resourced, then enabling the default ZFS (lzjb) compression or LZ4 (lz4) compression should be imperceptible other than saving heaps of disk space. If you haven't enabled ZFS compression because you are concerned about reduced system resources, then give LZ4 compression a try.
    • Default user and group quotas: Automatically allocate and constrain disk space on large sandbox environments with default user or group quotas.
  • Simplified Management
    • Monitoring file system/pool operations: You can use the new zpool monitor command to monitor ZFS pool or file system operations, such as zfs send and receive operations.
    • Automatic spare detection: ZFS determines whether an unused spare is failing or failed and FMA generates a fault report.
  • Performance and Scalability:
    • Roch B. blogs about these features in detail but here are some highlights that illustrate efficiency in memory operation and block allocation:
      • Hot data stays cached in memory after the system is rebooted. If the data is already compressed, it remains compressed in memory. This is persistent L2ARC.
      • ZFS ARC is redesigned for large memory systems
      • ZFS I/O aggregation uses one less copy
      • Recommended pool capacity can reach 90% and above (depending on workloads) due to improved block allocation
    • SMB 2.1 is built for high-speed networks
      • SMB requests scale to 1MB rather than 64KB
      • Clients get performance benefit of not losing local caching when the same file is opened frequently

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Comments ( 3 )
  • Esraa Monday, January 4, 2016

    This course delivers ZFS leading technology to build advanced, professional and efficient storage that meets modern business needs and reduce the complexity and risk.

    By using ZFS which becomes an open source technology now, you can build your own professional storage, which has almost the same features found in any commercial hardware storage.


  • guest Saturday, March 5, 2016

    can someone filter out the real innovations which where NOT already for months/yrs in openzfs ?

  • Cindys Monday, March 7, 2016

    I would recommend comparing the list of Oracle Solaris ZFS in the Happy 10th Birthday blog to the OpenZFS projects page that identifies projects that are in progress.

    Thanks, Cindy

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