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  • February 20, 2018

Oracle Solaris 11.4 Data Management Features

Cindy Swearingen
Principal Product Manager

Oracle engineering teams have a long history of working together to create great products. Solaris 11.4 is no exception.The recalibration of Solaris releases into a continuous innovation strategy means that we had more a bit time to integrate some great data management features into the Solaris OS. This effort includes collaborative work from the ZFS, NFS, SMB, replication, performance, and security teams.

We also get great feature suggestions or RFEs from our customers. You know who you are. :-)

My favorites are always the ones that make device administration easier.

Let's review some of the data management features that are available in Solaris 11.4 beta release:

  • Data Reduction
    • Deduplication 2.0
  • Data Sharing/Migration
    • NFSv4.1 server features
    • SMB 2.0, 2.1, and 3.0 features
    • Shadow migration improvements
  • I/O Control and Visibility
    • Read/write I/O limits
    • fsstat I/O latency
    • dtrace file ops and iSCSI provider 
  • Pool and Device Management
    • Change pool GUID (reGUID)
    • format fast startup
    • Mirrored device selection
    • zpool get options
    • zpool label command
    • RAIDZ space improvement
  • Pool/File System Performance
    • Asynchronous destroy
    • Meta devices (DDT SSDs)
    • Reduce resilvering restarts
  • Send Stream/Replication Enhancements
    • Deduplicated send streams
    • File level copy (zcopy/reflinkat)
    • Raw (compressed) send streams
    • Resumable replication (zfs list -p)
  • Security Related
    • Keychangedate/rekeydate improvements
    • Sharing and monitoring sensitive data
      • Be sure to see Glenn Faden's blogs on these topics
    • ZFS storage management authorization

This is the just a high-level view of feature set in the beta release. There are too many to list and more to come!

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