Monday Apr 06, 2009

Basic TCP/IP Tuning

These are only some tips about the TCP/IP stack tuning suggested for Directory Server:

ndd -set /dev/tcp tcp_conn_req_max_q 1024
ndd -set /dev/tcp tcp_keepalive_interval 600000
ndd -set /dev/tcp tcp_ip_abort_cinterval 10000
ndd -set /dev/tcp tcp_ip_abort_interval 60000
ndd -set /dev/tcp tcp_strong_iss 2
ndd -set /dev/tcp tcp_smallest_anon_port 8192
ndd -set /dev/tcp tcp_naglim_def 1

In any case tuning is NEVER a one-shot. It's an iterative process in which you apply and measure the changes, possibly once per time.

Wednesday Mar 18, 2009

Rumors in my mind...

Today has been very busy. I realized it from the rumors I heard since I wake up.
Plenty of perspectives, ideas, dichotomies: ying and yang, good and bad, heaven and hell, antinomies, synesthesies...

Almost everything came to my mind.

But after a nice dinner I realize, no matter what happens and you don't have to be Scarlett O'Hara to say that "After all, tomorrow is another day!".

There will always be a Sun shining up in the sky and lighting my way... The sky may be clean, rainy, cloudy, overcast... maybe even more "blue"... whatever, who cares: Sun will always be Sun.

It's a matter of fact.

For me it's a state of mind; it's like throwing your heart through the hurdle; not only trying harder: but succeeding better!

And for the moment it's enough for me.

Thursday Nov 13, 2008

Two years @Sun.COM

After our new product launch, I believe this wonderful system is another tool added to our already vast portfolio of products we can sell to customers. But I'm still convinced that customers would better buy not only wonderful products (hopefully ours). Product themselves may not be enough.

Sun may have the very best the market can offer at a given moment in time, but sooner or later there could always be someone else with a better idea: that's life, that's part of the game.

So, we (SUN) must make the difference!

This difference could be providing customers with complete solutions, bottom-up services. We should not only provide the hardware bricks, but also expertise, skills, guidance and leadership to build Customer's infrastructure... I don't wanna be only "another brick in the wall". I would like that Customers, before making their own decisions ask Sun for ideas, because they trust us as technological partners and as people.

Tuesday Nov 27, 2007

Awakening in Finland

6.30: alarm is ringing, where am I? Turku, Finland. Yes, now I remember ;-) Outside the sky is black as tar pitch and temperature is -5°C, but this morning I've something different to do... No delays, let's go for it! I take the lift to the last floor, where the Finnish Sauna is located and after a cold shower, you can spend a some time in a warm room (+90°C), ladling some water from a bowl onto some hot cobblestones. Steam puffs starts wrapping you like a warm soft blanket: the relaxing part starts. After 5-10 min spent in this room, you must find your way out; but as long as you get out, Finnish tradition advices you another cold shower, and now the most incredible part... Only with a towel around your hips, barefoot, you can step out onto the balcony and feel the snow melting under your feet, the icy air starts shaking you from the bones. Only a minute or a few more and you feel completely restored, still bringing the warm inside you're ready to start facing the dawn of a new day. You can feel far echoes of Viking's strength...

Tuesday Nov 13, 2007

Walking on SUN-SHINE

Today is my first year @Sun!
I can sharply remember the good old college days (and nights!!!) spent in front of VT100 terminals: compiling (...hmmm, to be sincere: mostly debugging!!! :-( ) my first C programs, with K&R as Bible, and dreaming to be a "System Manager", dreaming to join SUN. And what's happened?
Well, a lot of interesting things: I've become that System Manager and maybe I've even moved some steps forward ("if" and "how far", you will decide ;-) ). But not exactly all that I was dreaming of became true, you know, it's Life :-) Joys and sorrows in-between are all steps of the same path. While, all of a sudden...

November, 13th 2006: hired by SUN! \*GREAT\*!!!

The thing is that I'm so very happy because of this great opportunity that was given to me.
I'm not making a balance, it would be clearly in favor of SUN.
It was not simple, because of the challenging activities.
It was not trivial, sometimes I felt discouraged.
It was not even easy, since I did not disliked my previous jobs.

But then what makes those "things" such a great experience? I like thinking it was all up to the wonderful people with whom I exchanged experiences, ideas, thoughts, built relationships.
Working with them "under the SUN", I always felt ready to take harder challenges, to dare something more... I felt like I'll never walk alone.

So, thank you very much, to every colleague/people I met.


Marco Milo-Oracle


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