About Yukun’s blog

This is the official weblog of Yukun@Sun. And many other important
information are availabe here, including OpenSolaris, networking, IPFilter
things ...

  Provided that the blog is dedicated to the Solaris Adoption in China,
many documents and materials are only available in Chinese. Sorry to the
guys from other countries. :(

blog 主要致力于促进 Solaris 在中国的应用。
我会把尽量多的 Solaris 内容放到这里, 内容包括有针对 Admins Developers
还有 blog 提供了 Sun 与于外界的直接沟通, 我会以 best efforts 的方式根大家交流,
所以, 直接跟我们联系吧。 ;)

Yukun Zhang (张玉昆)

Technical Staff
Solaris Core Technologies
Operating Platform Group
Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Email: Yukun.Zhang@Sun.COM


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