Tuesday May 31, 2011

Happy Memorial Day

Over the past Memorial Day weekend here in the U.S.A. I spent the long weekend camping in rural Pennsylvania with some old good friends, playing music.  We are musicians and have had fun playing music together for the past 19 years.

Camping in Pennsylvania

It was great to have the opportunity to get away from the big city of Chicago and reflect.  Right now I am running for reelection for a 4th term on The GNOME Foundation board of directors.  With the GNOME 3 release now behind us, I anticipate that the next year will be busy.  The GNOME community is changing, evolving and redefining itself as we push forward with a next generation desktop with a design that scales from the smallest devices to the largest multi-user servers.  With so much work coming, it feels great to have my batteries recharged.  I am looking forward to another year serving the GNOME community as we work together to create the best free software desktop out there.

Thursday Apr 07, 2011

Celebrating GNOME 3

Go GNOME in Asia![Read More]

Sunday Mar 21, 2010

Sugar on OpenSolaris

Sugar on OpenSolaris[Read More]

Friday Mar 05, 2010

GNOME Usability Hackfest Write Up

GNOME Usability Hackfest - London

The GNOME Usability Hackfest at the Canonical offices in London wrapped up last Friday, February 26th.  As I mentioned in my previous blog post, this was an unusually large hackfest with over 30 attendees on some days.  The hackfest provided the GNOME Usability community a productive opportunity to work together, and a lot of ground was covered.

In the last few days at the event, I spent a fair amount of time cleaning up the GNOME Usability Project Wiki so it is hopefully more clear and straightforward.  Also, I did a lot of coordination with the Dev8D conference organizers to arrange for GNOME speakers at their event, and to make arrangements for Antonio Roberts from the Dev8D community to attend the GNOME Usability Hackfest and participate on Thursday the 25th.

The following blogs, articles, and photos highlights the work done at this hackfest by the GNOME Usability team:

Calum Benson

Allan Day

Máirín Duffy

Karl Lattimer William Jon McCann Seth Nickell Bastien Nocera Jeremy Perry Jakub Steiner

Willie Walker

Thomas Wood


There will likely continue to be blog postings about the GNOME Usability Hackfest as work progresses, so you can expect further blog posts by the above contributors, and also follow along at the GNOME Planet blog aggregator.

 Much thanks to the following organizations for sponsoring this event:



The GNOME Foundation

The GNOME Foundation

Also, many of the people who attended this event were sent by various companies and organizations who made the right people available for this event and covered travel costs.  Much thanks to them as well.

Wednesday Feb 24, 2010

GNOME Usability Hackfest

GNOME Usability Hackfest

The GNOME Usability Hackfest at the Canonical offices in London is well underway.  With over two dozen GNOME design and usability experts attending, this has been an exciting and dynamic event.  With GNOME 3.0 around the corner, people have been taking advantage of the opportunity to rethink the desktop and to build bridges within the GNOME usability community.

Highlights for me have included:

  • The dynamic GNOME Shell discussions between William Jon McCann and Seth Nickell.
  • Talking accessibility with Willie Walker
  • HIG Planning
  • Discussing opportunities for the GNOME Foundation to provide resources to make it easier to share usability data across the GNOME community with Ivanka Majic and Máirín (Mo) Duffy.
  • Learning about card sorting
  • All the colorful discussions.

I also wanted to share some photos:

Usability Hackers

GNOME Usability Hackers


Willie Walker discussing accessibility

Card Sorting

Card Sorting


Discussing GNOME Shell

Discussing GNOME Shell

Discussing GNOME Shell

 Much thanks to the following organizations for sponsoring this event:



The GNOME Foundation

Also, many of the people who attended this event were sent by various companies and organizations who made the right people available for this event and covered travel costs.  Much thanks to them as well.

Tuesday Nov 17, 2009

GNOME Marketing Hackfest

GNOME Marketing Hackfest (November 10-11, 2009)[Read More]

Friday May 22, 2009

GNOME Zeitgeist on OpenSolaris and GStreamer Mixer Enhancements

GNOME Zeitgeist and GStreamer Mixer Enhancements[Read More]

Tuesday Apr 28, 2009

GNOME Shell on OpenSolaris

GNOME Shell on OpenSolaris[Read More]

Friday Mar 27, 2009

OpenSolaris Multimedia Improvements

The multimedia experience in OpenSolaris has improved so greatly since Solaris 10 that it is worth taking a look at the improvements in the latest OpenSolaris releases. Especially for people who have an interest or need for good multimedia support. Solaris 10 shipped with GNOME 2.6, GStreamer 0.8, and only a few GStreamer-based applications, such as totem. Aside from a lack of applications, the user experience on Solaris 10 is further hindered by the fact that most popular non-free media formats are not supported.

After investing a good deal of effort, the experience when using OpenSolaris is a world of difference. OpenSolaris now includes GStreamer 0.10, which supports Fluendo's popular media codecs. You can purchase licensed media codecs from them to play popular formats such as Windows Media (audio and video), MPEG-2, MPEG-4, and MP3 audio. Their MP3 audio plugin is available at no charge, which is nice.

OpenSolaris now supports a more rich set of GStreamer-based multimedia applications, including Songbird and rhythmbox, so it is now possible to organize and play an audio library on OpenSolaris. With codecs from Fluendo, totem is far more useful for playing video files. Fluendo's new media program, elisa, has been added to the upcoming 09.06 release and it provides a rich new interface for interacting with both audio and video.

The OpenSolaris 09.06 release also includes codeina. This program makes it easier to update OpenSolaris so it supports most popular non-free media. For example, if a person tries to play any media with a GStreamer-based program, and if a codec is not available on the system to play that media format, then codeina checks to see if there is a Fluendo plugin available to play it. If so, then codeina steps the user through the process of downloading and installing the needed codec. Once purchased, then the program will just go ahead and play the media file immediately. Of course, that media format will then be supported by all GStreamer-based programs.

I hope that people who try the latest OpenSolaris releases find it to be a much more positive multimedia experience. Feedback is welcome. Let us know on the desktop-discuss@opensolaris.org mailing list if you run into any issues or have comments.

We are not done working yet. Probable the most significant remaining issue with multimedia in OpenSolaris is that it still does not support playing DVD's. Fluendo promises that they will soon make available a DVD playback application, so hopefully that will address this issue in the near future.

Also, the OpenSolaris Desktop team is working to integrate more exciting applications in future OpenSolaris releases. Work is currently underway to integrate OSS into Solaris, though this will not make the 2009.06 release. Once that is done, we are considering making the popular audcaity Audio multitracking editor available. We are also planning to add the coherence Python module to add UPnP support to OpenSolaris and the jokosher audio multitracking program application. So, there are a lot of exciting reasons to look forward in terms of OpenSolaris multimedia support also.

Wednesday Oct 11, 2006

Boston GNOME Summit

The leaves are changing color in New England following the Boston GNOME Summit[Read More]

Wednesday Sep 20, 2006

Solaris and the desktop market

Is JDS an alternative to other popular desktops?[Read More]

Monday Sep 18, 2006

GNOME 2.16

GNOME 2.16 coming soon to a Solaris machine near you[Read More]

Friday Jun 30, 2006

Hi To Everyone Wrapping Up At GUADEC!

What I Have Been Doing Lately[Read More]

Friday May 12, 2006

Another beautiful day

GNOME Interface Stability[Read More]

Monday Mar 13, 2006

Solaris ARC and GDM 2.14

ARC is ongoing...[Read More]



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