Tuesday Jan 24, 2006

ARC and GStreamer 0.10 integrated into OpenSolaris

at long last...[Read More]

Monday Dec 26, 2005

GDM Configuration Overhaul

looks good[Read More]

Wednesday Dec 07, 2005

GDM Performance Improvements

...at the Sun GNOME Performance Summit [Read More]

Wednesday Nov 30, 2005

Sun Desktop Summit! Woo-hoo!

It's great to finally have some face-to-face time with everyone![Read More]

Tuesday Nov 15, 2005

Gstreamer and about-me

and some GDM work too[Read More]

Friday Nov 04, 2005

GDM News

...enhancing GDM's configuration system[Read More]

Wednesday Oct 12, 2005

GNOME Summit

Boston is beautiful too![Read More]

Friday Aug 05, 2005

Hacking on GDM

This week I've been hacking on GDM, its now branched for 2.12 and is getting close to a point where Sun can start considering replacing the default login program (CDE login) with GDM. This will be nice, since GDM supports accessibility. Over the past few weeks, GDM went through the ARC process since the project team thought the code was ready. One nice thing about going through the ARC peer review is it highlighted a number of issues we had overlooked. Many improvements that they pointed out are now in the GDM codebase. A few of them (/etc/login/default support) is Solaris specific, but others (fixing GET_CONFIG gdmflexiserver command and better backwards support for Welcome/RemoteWelcome are generally useful. There's a few more fixes in the pipeline, but need some more work before I can commit them. I'm also hoping the release team approves the GUI change for gdmsetup since I think it really makes gdmsetup nicer to user.

I need to update the GNOME Interface Specification based on discussion that has been happening on the GNOME desktop-devel-list and release-team mail aliases. These discussions highlighted quite a bit of GNOME process that isn't well documented on the Release Team website. Many of the issues highlighted in the Interface Table are resolved just by having a better understanding of the process. I plan to do this on Monday. I've been pushing the GNOME Release Team to improve their process documentation. I think even if the GNOME community just better documents the current process, it would be a big step in the right direction. Also, Bala from Wipro is now working with me on improving the Interface Stability issues withing GNOME. I asked him to help by getting the glib/GTK+ abicheck scrips working better (so they work on Solaris and check symbols in addition to functions), and to help getting similar abicheck scripts working for other Platform libraries. I think this is a good step towards better process. I'm going to go ahead and put together a matrix highlighting how well each Platform module documents its interfaces which will hopefully be an input to figuring out how to further improve release team process as it relates to interface documentation.

I've also been working with Bala over the past few weeks to improve free multimedia support in Solaris GNOME. We've updated our build system so we now include Flac, Speex, and Theora support in addition to Ogg-Vorbis (which we shipped with JDS3). This, I think, is a good step towards providing more universal access to free media and encouring the use of free/open standards, which Sun has a long history of supporting.

I'm glad it's Friday. Today is my sister's birthday, so I'm looking forward to having some fun celebrations this evening. Have a great weekend everybody.

Wednesday Jul 20, 2005

As of late

I have been working on interface stability and hacking on GDM [Read More]

Wednesday Jul 06, 2005

Interface Stability

hoping to get some feedback from the GNOME community regarding our ideas of interface stability. Sorry for the long entry.[Read More]

Monday Jun 27, 2005

Solaris and performance

Information about how to do performance testing on Solaris with the Sun Studio compiler[Read More]

Friday Jun 17, 2005


Germany is beautiful![Read More]

Friday May 06, 2005

In the country

first entry...does this work.[Read More]

Thursday Apr 28, 2005

yippi's Weblog

Hello, welcome to my Sun blog. My name is Brian Cameron and I am an engineer who works on GNOME. I plan for this blog to be a place to discuss both technical information I think might be of interest to people who have an interest using GNOME on Solaris, accessibility, performance issues, GNOME programming, and the like. I also expect that I will discuss things not directly related to work and generally have fun with blogging.

Lately I have been doing a lot of hacking on the GDM2 module, a role granted to me early this year. Although quite a few bugs have been reported since then, I've brought the bug count down from roughly 185 bugs to 90. A lot of work has gone into resolving usability issues and making GDM2 a more professional product. The Face Browser is much nicer now. Some neat new features have been added as well. I think people will like the improvements. If you can help out with testing out the code, that would be great too. I plan to discuss technical issues about GDM2 in this blog.

I've also been involved with Sun's Architectural Review process, which has been a useful resource in making GDM2 better. Sun is interested in working more closely with the free software community to improve interface stability. I'm involved with helping to set up a presentation at GUADEC (GNOME Users And Developers European Conference) where two senior Architectural Review engineers will be presenting some new and hopefully engaging ideas. The GNOME community does already take interface stability seriously, and we are hoping that sharing ideas will help to further improve the stability of GNOME and other free software projects. I anticipate I will use this blog to dig into some of the issues involved.

I'm planning to feed my blog on Planet GNOME.

The past week has been pretty hectic, tomorrow I am moving from Chicago to rural Illinois where I will be living with my mother. She has MS and has recently been losing the ability to type. As a part of my job, I have contributed to the GNOME accessibility product and think this will be an interesting opportunity to help her and find new ways to be involved with my work. I'd like to thank the people at Sun who helped make the move possible. It is exciting to be working with innovative technology that allows working remotely.




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