Hardware-based Random Number Generator support in /dev/random

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In Solaris 10, /dev/random can use a hardware-based random number generator (RNG). The motivation being that a hardware RNG can provide better quality random numbers.
It will enable access to a hardware RNG via /dev/random. This
provides a higher quality random numbers to many EXISTING applications. There is no need rewrite the applications.
From random(7D) man page -
/dev/random collects entropy from providers that are
registered with the kernel-level cryptographic framework and
implement random number generation routines.
/dev/random can be configured to use only the hardware-based
providers registered with the kernel-level cryptographic
framework by disabling the software-based provider using
cryptoadm(1M). You can also use cryptoadm(1M) to obtain the
name of the software-based provider.

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