Call Flow Monitoring in SailFin

Yamini Kalyandurga
Consulting Member of Technical Staff


SailFin supports call
flow monitoring
which is a feature inherited from GlassFish.
This feature can be used to debug the request call flow in the
application server. In case of SailFin, you will now be able to see
how much time a SIP request spends in the SIP container.

Here, I shall demonstrate how to use this feature.

To start with, you will need to enable call flow on a running
server instance.

1. Start the DAS

2. Login to administration console (point your browser to

3. In the Common Tasks page, click on 'View Monitoring Data'

4. Then click on 'Call Flow' tab

5. Click on 'Enabled', then 'Save'

You will now see a message like the following in server.log:


style="background-color: rgb(204, 204, 204); vertical-align: top;">

CallFlow enable successful.|#]

I'll use the 'subscribe' test from the quicklook tests of the
SailFin tests suite. To set up the test environment, do the

1. Checkout sailfin-tests

cd <workspace>/sailfin

cvs up -d sailfin-tests

2. Edit proxy host/port in config-dev.properties Set environment
variables, SF_HOME, ANT_HOME and PATH. Invoke ant

ant setup

3. cd quicklook/publish

4. Run the test

ant all

Now, go back to admin console and click on 'Refresh' to view the
call flow data. Here is a sample screenshot.

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