Monday Mar 05, 2007

Project Balckbox Pictures from DC

I just sent Paul Monday over at the Blackbox Blog a link to the full gallery of pictures that I posted from our visit to the Blackbox while it was in DC. For your viewing pleasure I will post a few of them here. 

Blackbox in DC

As we pulled into the Wardman Park Marriot I was suprised to see a line of taxi's coming down the street.  I had attended LISA here a few months ago and the taxi line was never that long. I knew that the Blackbox was popular but that was a bit more than I was expecting.

When we rounded the corner it was a cool thing to see the Blackbox Tour Mobile...taking up the middle of the normal taxi lane. One of the taxi drivers came over right before we left and asked C- what was going on. She informed him that this was Sun's Project Blackbox... A whole bunch of computers on the back of a truck. I don't know if he went on the tour.

Paul just posted an interview with Joe Carvalho, here is a picture of Joe (or his hands) modeling a SunSPOT accelerometer.
Joe SunSPOT accelerometer

The geek in me really needs to mention how much fun the SunSPOTs are.  The black box has a number of linked SunSPOTs in it. However Joe actually had this one in his pocket. The chip in the center is the accelerometer. The really geeky fun part was when he pulled it out of his pocket. 

As Joe tilted it back and forth the led "rolled" back and forth. When tilted just to one side led rolled down and "bounced" at the end. That is entirely eye candy but I liked it. He didn't have two in his pocket to actually show me but apparently when they are placed in discovery mode and linked you can tilt the one towards the other.  The led rolls to the side crosses over and rolls on the other SunSPOT indicating that they are linked!!

So while the Blackbox is really cool and useful and all that I can't afford one. However I can handle a couple of SunSPOTs.

We also got some swag from the event. As if the Blackbox itself wasn't cool enough we are the only people on our block who have the incredibly wrinkled Blackbox T-shirts and Trucks! 

Blackbox swag 

The T comes shrink wrapped and I guess crammed or vacuformed into a truck shaped brick. The truck comes in a relatively uninteresting box, of so little interest I didn't even post a picture of box with the truck in it.  

The Truck/Shirt still in Truck form. 

Truck Shirt still in brick format 


The truck,  I still think it needs to have racks in the back be a transformer...or both!

Open back of toy truck

To end for now I leave you with a picture of the Emerency Power Off button. Which I did NOT press. I did ask if anyone had yet pressed it while on tour and was informed that the answer was no. Given that the demo is not a production environment I was me sorely tempted to  press the jolly candy-like button.

Jolly Candy-Like EPO Button

So if anyone happens to be on the should ask if you can press the EPO button and get back to me. That is enough trouble for the moment possibly there will be more pictures later.

Sunday Mar 04, 2007

Minor Style Change

I just spent some time palying with the theme of this blog.

The only really visible change is the new header image. It is the result of my recent visit to the Project Blackbox tour.
If you can't tell the current header image is a fairly tight crop of a Blackbox rack shock mount.

Blackbox rack shock mount


I tried to make more changes in the theme of the blockbox but in the end it was fairly unfortunate.
e.g. Corrugation for the right nav bar, bright green on black

Fun to try not fun to look at. 





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