Monday Oct 13, 2008

OpenSolaris at SmugMug

Don MacAskill has written about his experiences with Solaris and OpenSolaris at SmugMug. Most recently about his experiences using MySQL and OpenSolaris as a slave in one of SmugMug's production database clusters. Today Don published an update on MySQL, InnoDB and ZFS compression.

You may now be saying to yourself, yes but other people have posted about this already, and you would be correct. Aside from being interesting articles the second article uses a picture I took during the setup of in Las Vegas :)

Wednesday Jun 11, 2008

Good Turn out at CROSUG

Sitting in the Capitol Region OpenSolaris Users Group meeting, this is one of the best turnouts that e have had so far. This meeting is a little later than last few (starting after the workday instead of just before the end).

Ooh, live demo failed...looking for a live setup utility for the AMP stack couldn't find it offhand. OTOH the GUI package manager is working nicely. IPS seems like it has really made progress since the last time I looked (it has been a while, I have been slacking). We just got the fairly standard question about patching, packaging etc looking more advanced in OpenSolaris than Solaris 10. The answer of course is "OpenSolaris is more the development platform, it has the newer and more advanced/bleeding edge features. Some of these features will make it back to commercial Solaris."

Given the location that we are in another fairly obvious question: How do we get access to these cool bits and the IPS repository if our network is separated from the internet by an air gap. (The answer is that you can set up your own repo, eventually you should expect that there will be something like an official DVD that provides the needed files. (I expect that this is really only of interest in the Fed space))

I just remembered why the late meetings here aren't as nice as they could be. The AC cuts off at 6PM, it is starting to get just a touch warmer in here. I assume it will be fairly warm by the end of the meeting.

Moved to Sam NIcholson for "OpenSolaris: A Developer's Perspective"

"OpenSolaris Look and Feel: Give people what they expect and slip in what they need under the covers."

Good questions about iSCSI, SMF, Contracts, manifests. I am surprised at how few people here haven't done much with SMF (not even writing your own service).

I really need to get to ZFS root for the live snapshot based update, I have the image sitting on my laptop but haven't installed the image.

Tuesday Jun 05, 2007

CROSUG: Capital Region OpenSolaris User Group Tomorrow (June 6 2007)

Second meeting of the Capital Region OpenSolaris User Group,
Wednesday, June 6, 2007, 6:30pm-8:00pm. After OpenSolaris Day


This is part of Sun Tech Days starting tomorrow in DC. It's free and registration is still open.

Thursday Oct 05, 2006

OpenSolaris PowerPC Port Code Release

OpenSolaris Project: PowerPC Port:
Code Release Announcement

Eventually running OpenSolaris on my PowerBook will rock.

I really like my PowerBook, but it is now ~4 years old and I continually try to do more things concurrently than I have quite enough memory and processors for. I also really like Solaris, given a new MacBook Pro I would use Parallels  and Run Solaris as well, but I would like to still use the PowerBook for something.

In the near future, within the next 6 months, I will be purchasing a new laptop. A 15" or 17" MacBook Pro, sooner if Core 2 Duo (AnandTech: Mobile CPU Wars: Core 2 Duo vs. Core Duo) MacBooks are available.

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Sunday Sep 10, 2006

Encrypted FS on Solaris 10, Ugly Hack

This is an off the cuff solution to encrypted file systems on Solaris 10 in response to OpenSolaris Adventures which mentions concerns about file security given physical access to a device.

Until zfs has crypto support or encrypted lofi is available, you could set a bios password. Or create your own loopback file based fs. Of course if the file is decrypted and the attacker steals your laptop you are out of luck. So only having the decrypted data in /tmp would offer some protection.

The poor man's version would be something like:
1) Make a source file (Preferably in /tmp)
2) Create a Loopback
3) Layout a filesystem
4) Add content
5) Encrypt (To not /tmp)
6) Delete source file

Ongoing Usage scripted as:
1) decrypt /var/tmp/encrypted.current to /tmp/decrypted
2) create lofi and mount
3) encrypt to /var/tmp/
4) delete decrypted file
5) Move encrypted.current to .bak and new to .current

Steps 1 - 4:

t2000-10# mkfile 10m /tmp/foo
t2000-10# lofiadm -a /tmp/foo

t2000-10# newfs /dev/lofi/1
newfs: construct a new file system /dev/rlofi/1: (y/n)? y
/dev/rlofi/1: 20468 sectors in 34 cylinders of 1 tracks, 602 sectors
10.0MB in 3 cyl groups (16 c/g, 4.70MB/g, 2240 i/g)

t2000-10# mkdir /tmp/foo_mnt
t2000-10# mount /dev/lofi/1 /tmp/foo_mnt
t2000-10# cat /usr/man/man1/\* | nroff -man > /tmp/foo_mnt/important.txt

Content is visible to the casual viewer:

t2000-10# cat /tmp/foo | strings | head -100
a subcommand and no arguments is
an error. This guideline is provided to allow the
common forms command --
p, command -?
?, command
n, and command -V
V to be accepted in the
command-subcommand construct.
Several of these guidelines are only of interest to the
authors of utilities. They are provided here for the use of

t2000-10# umount /tmp/foo_mnt
t2000-10# lofiadm -d /dev/lofi/1

Step 5:

t2000-10# time encrypt -a 3des -v -i /tmp/foo -o /var/tmp/3des_encrypted
Enter key:
encrypt -a 3des -v -i /tmp/foo -o /var/tmp/3des_encrypted 4.44s user 0.63s system 60% cpu 8.434 total

t2000-10# rm /tmp/foo

Simple check to see if data is still accessible:

t2000-10# lofiadm -a /var/tmp/3des_encrypted
lofiadm: size of /var/tmp/3des_encrypted is not a multiple of 512

t2000-10# file /var/tmp/3des_encrypted
/var/tmp/3des_encrypted: data

t2000-10# cat /var/tmp/3des_encrypted| strings

Accessing Encrypted Data:

t2000-10# decrypt -v -a 3des -i /var/tmp/3des_encrypted -o /tmp/decrypted_fs
Enter key:

t2000-10# cat /tmp/decrypted_fs| strings | head -100
a subcommand and no arguments is
an error. This guideline is provided to allow the
common forms command --
p, command -?
?, command
n, and command -V
V to be accepted in the
command-subcommand construct.
Several of these guidelines are only of interest to the
authors of utilities. They are provided here for the use of

t2000-10# lofiadm -a /tmp/decrypted_fs

t2000-10# mount /dev/lofi/1 /tmp/foo_mnt

Checking Contents:

t2000-10# cd /tmp/foo_mnt
t2000-10# head important.txt

User Commands Intro(1)

Intro, intro - introduction to commands and application pro-

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Wednesday Jun 15, 2005

OpenSolaris Popularity?

It appears that OpenSolaris is popular(This may be an understatement).

I have been pushing an average of 200Kbps since I started seeding.

I wonder if we have tracker stats available. Or stats from all of the download methods for that matter.

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Tuesday Jun 14, 2005

OpenSolaris Torrent Tracker Problem

I had been seeding the OpenSolaris when I started getting errors about most of the torrents from the tracker.

If you are having problems getting everything except opensolaris-src... then it would appear to be the same issue.

Although while I was writing this demand for the single file has increased.

Edit: I restarted everything again when I got home. Naturally after I say something they all started working. It appears I forgot to publish this update, things have been working fully since around 19:00 Eastern

Downloading OpenSolaris

I am currently getting a good 80KB/s down and I have flipped to seeding i386 closed bins and SUNWonbld.

Looks like 25min to finish bfu and src.

Then to look at distributed grid builds! It looks like I have a new thing to suck up my free time.




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