Updating Exadata Database Nodes (2)

Just a small note that starting Exadata dbnodeupdate.zip is no more available as a separate download. Exadata Database Node updates should be applied using dbserver.patch.zip. The dbserver.patch.zip file contains a version of patchmgr able to orchestrate dbnodeupdate.sh in updating all Exadata Databases Nodes within the rack. Note: dbnodeupdate.zip is still available in the dbserver.patch.zip file for those who prefer running things manually

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Updating Exadata Databases servers as non-privileged user from another node

Just for those who aren't aware already, it's possible for operators to update their Exadata releases on the database servers as non-root user while also running the update from another (non Exadata) system. This comes in useful when you want to update your entire rack at once. This is possible by using the -log_dir flag when running dbserver.patch (the patchmgr orchestration for dbnodeupdate). Some quick examples: How to run pre-req check from another system being...

Wednesday, January 4, 2017 | exadata | Read More

OOW 2015: CON8833 Best Practices from Oracle Development for Patching and Upgrading Oracle Exadata

Doug Utzig and I will be presenting a session on planned maintenance for Exadata this year at Oracle Open World. The session is called 'Best Practices from Oracle Development for Patching and Upgrading Oracle Exadata'. If you are interested please enroll for session: CON8833 at Thursday, Oct 29, 10:45 a.m. in Moscone South 102.   Abstract: Oracle Exadata administrators often ask how to patch and upgrade Oracle Exadata components with zero downtime and minimum operational...

Monday, October 19, 2015 | exadata | Read More

OOW 2014 Session: CON7770 Best Practices: Consolidate with Oracle Exadata and Manage Resources and Availability

Tuesday September 30th at 5pm, together with Sue Lee (Oracle Server Technologies Director of Development), I will be presenting an interesting session on best practices for managing resources and high availability when consolidating on Oracle Exadata. This session is highly recommended for those planning to consolidate or already consolidating on Exadata. The session will cover planning, HA, and of course resource management aspects. CON7770 Best Practices: Consolidate with...

Monday, September 8, 2014 | exadata | Read More

HA Best Practices for Database Consolidation

Read this new white paper to learn how to deploy and optimize Database-as-a-Service using Oracle Multitenant and Oracle MAA.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014 | Dataguard | Read More

Prereq Dependency Check Added for Exadata DB Server Updating

With this blog update some background on new functionality added to the Exadata dbnodeupdate.sh utility.  The recently added 'Prereq Dependency Check' feature in dbnodeupdate.sh eliminates possible unexpected package dependency problems that occur during update by detecting dependency issues during the prerequisite check phase that could occur when the update is performed. (Linux package dependency issues sometimes happen after operators customizing the db server by...

Monday, March 10, 2014 | exadata | Read More

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