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XMLP 5.6.3 for EBS hits the streets

Hot off the presses ... 5.6.3 for EBS has hit metalink in the last half hour. Get in there and get it downloaded:


Just a few of the new features:

Template Builder Enhancements and Name Change

XML Publisher's Template Builder for Microsoft Word is now called Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher Template Builder for Microsoft Word. This release includes a cross tabulation (cross tab) builder, XML schema support, and an enhanced chart builder. New chart types added are: Area, Ring, and 3D Bar. The Template Builder also now supports the application of styles to define the look and feel of your chart. Styles include: April, Autumn, Black and White, Comet, Confetti, Earth, Executive, Financial, Glass, Nautical, Projection, Regatta, Southwest.

Report Migration Utility

XML Publisher provides a utility to facilitate the conversion of Oracle Reports (version 9i and later) to XML Publisher Reports. The conversion is a two-step process requiring a data model conversion and a layout conversion using the following new APIs:

DataTemplateGenerator API converts the Oracle Reports data model to an XML Publisher data template.

RTFTemplateGenerator API converts the Oracle Reports layout to an XML Publisher RTF template.

Support for Rotated Text in RTF Templates

XML Publisher now supports the Text Direction feature of Microsoft Word that enables you to change the orientation of text in a table cell. You can rotate the text 90, 180, or 270 degrees. This is supported for RTF and PDF output.

Conditional Formatting Enhancement in RTF Templates

Now in addition to the xsl:if statment, you can also use the "It...Then...Else" construct in RTF Templates to define conditional formatting.

Data Template Enhancements

The XML output data structure can be defined for a data template now when using REF CURSOR.

The following attributes have been added to handle XML data structures and scalability - include_parameters, include_null_element, xml_tag_case, db_fetch_size, scalable_mode, include_rowsettag, debug_mode

Plus many ( well not that many cos our folks write such good code) bug fixes ... more information can be gotten from the About Document Note 422508.1 on metalink.

I'll dig in a bit more next week ...

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Comments ( 5 )
  • kasper kombrink Wednesday, August 8, 2007
    I tried using the Report Migration Utility to migrate the apps WSHRDPAK.rdf report. The migration utility had a lot of problems migrating this report (java errors trying to generate a rtf template so I built my own). I now have it partially working in apps but not without a lot of manual hacking of the generated datatemplate and the generated packages (missing paramaters, a screwed up datastructure in my datatemplate xml). I think this utility is far from perfect and still needs a lot of working. I am sadly getting used to oracle delivering partially complete products and tools. If anyone can get this report working in one smooth migration, I would really like to hear how they did it.
  • Tim Dexter Wednesday, August 8, 2007

    hi Kasper

    Its not perfect and I dont think it ever will be for some of the more complex Oracle Reports. I'll take a look at the WSHRDPAK.rdf file.


  • Srini Alavala Friday, April 10, 2009
    I am working with EBS R12 and the associate XML Publisher. Do we get this tool with R12 install? If not where can I find this utility? Also can I be able to convert Canadian Check Writer Report (PYCACHDA.rdf) with this tool?
  • Vikram Das Tuesday, June 30, 2009
    Hi Tim,
    How does one call the Delivery Manager from a concurrent manager?
    This was not possible in 5.6.2 as per metalink note 374745.1. Is it possible now in 5.6.3 or in a later version ?
    - Vikram
  • Max Napoleon Saturday, May 1, 2010
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