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XML Report Publisher Fails With java.lang.OutOfMemoryError

Starting to actually feel human again - Im amazed how 'flu' here in the US is so debilitating. I dont remember feeling this bad since I caught some 'bug' in N Africa when I spent far too long traveling when I was younger. My brain is still trying to burst out of the front of my head but the hacking cough that makes you wince, it hurts so much is not so bad. One great side effect, for my kids at least, is that my voice has almost disappeared so they really can claim they did not hear me calling them.

The error in the title is not a nice error to see! It evokes lots of questions, how much data are you processing, how complex is the template the list goes on. Now, Im not a great fan of metalink - there is a mass of useful information in their but getting at it is nigh on impossible.

I was in our Ohio office last week meeting some of our new team Noelle, Dave and Jen. Noelle had installed BIEE and BIP and was getting an error when she tried to connect - I had not seen it before, googling it brought nothing useful so it was on to Metalink. When I usually resort to metalink I try and get as specific a string as possible cos no matter what you enter you get 100s of hits. I was amazed when we entered our string in the advanced search to only get 4 hits - excellent! Then we realized that the 4 hits were nothing to do with OBIEE or BIP ... dang! Noelle ended up falling back on the age old solution - re-installing - it worked like a charm.

If you can get past the search engine on Metalink there are some real document gems. For the error mentioned in the title go to

                            Note:315477.1 : XML Report Publisher Fails With java.lang.OutOfMemoryError

Its a good solid document with some useful information. I think Pieter from the support team wrote, thanks Pieter!

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  • alan Telford Friday, July 3, 2009
    Thanks Tim,
    that solved a problem that Oracle Support had been wrestling with for 6 weeks,
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