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Winding Up

Last day today and I have really enjoyed meeting many many of you Bippers. I'm really pleased to see so many folks either now implementing or live and generating documents.

Many of you are embracing the 'publisher' way of reporting.

I spoke to someon yesterday about how they are using publisher. Reporting requirements are reasonably straightforward so he has designed a set of materialized views with 200 or so columns in them. Then built simple 'select * from' extracts and turned the business community loose with the template builder. His development team are not responsible for layouts any more and extract maintenance is a relative doddle ... fantastic stuff.

This approach is not going to work for everyone of course but its a great example of how publisher cab help you rethink your reporting approach. Making the business happy and gving then what they want and making ITs life easier.

The level of sophistication that I'm seeing some you using publisher for is amazing. Double bursting, BPEL integration, document routing, the list goes on and on - we need you folks presenting next year or at OAUG. On Tuesday I had a slide on data entry, since then I have had at least 3 conversations around 'how can we get it done'

It has not been EBS and standalone all week either I have spoken to many PeopleSoft and a few JDE customers. This is where I have to lean on the likes of Mikhail and Jody from the PS tools team for help and they have stepped up. I think thy have had a busy week on their pod and Jody is presenting this morning, so be sure to get along.

So, I'm happy with you people - its a long and winding road I know but you're doing great. I hope we measure up half as well as I think you do. On that not I bid you adieu from OOW07 ... normal service will resume tomorrow.

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