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Who is on first but what language is he speaking?

A posting I started nearly 15 hours ago finally makes it out of the gate - I hate our blog server. Maybe Im asking for it by writing directly into the web interface and then getting a local copy but its just too much hassle - although this is the second article in as many weeks that I have had to re-write! While Im whinging, I also hate for another reason, 'tagging' - while elsewhere on my other WordPress based blog I get to tag on the fly, here I have to jump through hoops like the proverbial circus lion to make a new tag available. Why am I moaning about tagging, read on ...

A while back I wrote about 'who's on first?' a tenuous link to a great comedy sketch and the ability to now identify your user and add where clauses to your query accordingly. Now my cryptic and I like to think intriguing blog post titles are starting to hurt. There are now over 270 articles in here so its becoming a nice resource for users to find all things BIP - but finding things is the pain. The google box I implemented on the right hand side is pretty good but all the hits are titled 'BI Publisher Blog' forcing you to read the 2 or 3 lines under each hit to see if thats what you want.

This post is about some more user information that i

s available and while researching I thought, 'hang on - I have already written about this!' I was convinced, searching my own blog became nightmarish I could not find the article. It turned out I had mentioned the new functionality in passing but never followed up with a post - now if I could have had decent tagging I would have 'not' found the article sooo much faster. Moaning done!

We have had since some new user info available:

:xdo_user_name as USER_ID ,
:xdo_user_roles as USER_ROLES,
:xdo_user_report_oracle_lang as REPORT_LANGUAGE,
:xdo_user_report_locale as REPORT_LOCALE
:xdo_user_ui_oracle_lang as UI_LANGUAGE,
:xdo_user_ui_locale as UI_LOCALE,
to give you this kind of info

If you are translating data you now have the means to find out what language your user wants to see the data in or maybe secure data based on the roles they have assigned.

Tags> just one, Im getting tired of those hoops, roar!

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