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Where are the Publisher Sessions?

I have not forgotten, how could I? I have been buried in testing for Fusion, sitting in Fusion meetings, discussing Fusion Publisher with any one who will listen, putting together an internal 2 day seminar on Fusion Publisher and pretty much anything else you might care to mention about Fusion. Did I mention Fusion enough in that last sentence! 
Im traveling this week and possibly next so mark your calendars: 

     Getting to Know You 
      26th June @ 9am Mountain Daylight Time 

Not earth shatteringly exciting but I want a session to get to know you, get to know your interests, what do you want to cover, your skill level, who might want to present in coming months, etc. I'll then publish a session plan for the next few months. As I mentioned before, we can mix it up to cater to everyones tastes and flavors! 

To sign up, I'll need emails so I can send invites. You can either:

1. Sign up from blog updates via Feedburner - I can get your mail from them. You can sign up in the box opposite or from here.

2. If you have signed up as a member of the blog you'll get a mail. Please dont sign up as a member for now. We are moving to a new blogging server soon - yippeeee. Im not sure if members will come across right now.

3. Lastly, drop me a mail if you dont want to use feedburner.

That should cover about 800 thus far, if you have not signed up, sign up and watch your inbox!

If the time is not going to work for you this time we can mix that up too - Im trying to think of those behind me in time and those across the Atlantic. Those of you in APAC - mail me and tell me you need your own session and it shall be so, if there are enough of you.

Looking forward to this kick off and lots of ideas from you for sessions, I'll have fingertips at the ready to record them - this is going to be fun and hopefully a useful project for all of us.

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  • Bhavesh Wednesday, June 11, 2008
    Hi Tim,
    I have been following your blog for a while now. I work as oracle apps technical consultant and definitely interested in these sessions if we can arrange something during APAC timing. I am in India.
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