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Whats in my data?

I have been working with the Siebel CRM integration today, a good learning curve and I have learnt a lot more than I wanted to about Siebel CRM. One thing I did get stuck on was that my template was not generating the results I was expecting.

I went through and generated some sample data against what I thought was the integration object I was seeing on the page. Created my template, uploaded it, attached the report to the correct page. Went to that page and tried to generate the ouput, I was getting the header information but not the detail I was expecting. What to do?

The integration is of the embedded variety ie Siebel generates the XML and calls BIP to process it with a template to return the result. So the XML structure and content is hidden at runtime. Pick the wrong integration object, as I did, and you're a little stuck. Most of it was ignorance on my part but I wanted to see what was in the XML, element names and values.

I came up with the following template to let me at least seethe elements and assigned values:


Element: <?local-name()?> Value:<?current()/text()?>

<?end for-each?>

this pushed out

Element: ListOf_ssHlsCase Value:

Element: ssHlsCase Value:

Element: ssCaseNum Value:410194-14115562

Element: ssCreatedDate Value:10/20/2009 07:26:40

Element: ssDescription Value:

Element: ssName Value:Lew Golden - - 10/20/2009

Element: ssStage Value:Application

Element: ssStatus Value:Active

Element: ssSubStatus Value:

Element: ssSubjectContactFirstName Value:Lew

Element: ssSubjectContactLastName Value:Golden

Element: ssSubjectFullName Value:

Element: ssType Value:Other

Element: ssId Value:8SIA-8EJMY

Element: ssCreated Value:10/20/2009 07:26:40

Takes a little deciphering but I worked out that I was not using the integration object I thought I was, dagnabit! Useful thou I thought, so Im sharing it, enjoy!

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  • Lon Zukor Friday, August 6, 2010
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