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The end of another hectic week - I have been on so many customer calls I have lost count - but they have raised some good questions which I can turn into blog articles so there were some good benefits for all parties. One such was this morning. Those of you using the standalone/BIEE release will know that we communicate with printers via Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) - typically using CUPS or a windows print server. Not news anymore but so many of you have your printers set up as network printers and they work  - so that old adage applies, 'if it ain't broke don't fix it'.

I was talking to just such a customer this morning, they have installed BIP on its own server but were concerned about installing and administering CUPS - they were not allowed root access to the server so if CUPS required it to administer printers, it would be a showstopper!
Kei, from our development team to the rescue ... you can configure the CUPS server to use a non-root enabled user to administer the printers and fax servers.

  1. Create an OS user 'guest', set the password.

  2. Open cupsd.conf and go to <Location /admin> section

  3. Add a line "Require user guest" in there.

  4. Restart the CUPS server

Here's the detail.

and whats required in the cups.conf file

--- cupsd.conf

<Location /admin>
# You definitely will want to limit access to the administration functions.
# The default configuration requires a local connection from a user who
# is a member of the system group to do any admin tasks.  You can change
# the group name using the SystemGroup directive.
AuthType Basic
#AuthClass System
#AuthClass User
Require user guest

Cooll stuff this CUPS!

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    I have a burst file that sends a pdf to printer, email fax
    I need to pass an orienatation to the fax as landscape (IPP_LANDSCAPE) from my burst file - how do I do this ?
    Here is the current fax section (I have tried orientation="landscape" but it did nothing
    xapi:document key="${POH_PO_NUM}" output-type="pdf" delivery="fax1"
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