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It's Friday, that means its patch release time. Why do we do this to ourselves, 'we'll release on Friday!' It might 11.59 on Friday but by golly we'll have released on Friday. I can remember a release of BIP years ago that for some reason we went for 12/31 as a release date ... were we mad? I seem to remember we made it but talk about ridiculous pressure!

The latest 10g rollup is out in the wild and available from Oracle support. A bug fixing rollup but worth getting to and know that support will want you to get to it and re-test before going forward on an SR. One simple but very useful fix or enhancement:

[Cause of the bug]
@ ==================
@ Customer reports that despite the clock being shown, end users are clicking
@ on the View button repeatedly as the initial generation is taking some time.  
@ If the button were to be grayed out then  this would prevent the users
@ requesting the report more than  once.  Repeated requests are causing a
@ system overload and as this is their Production  instance this is extremely
@ important to the customer.
@ .
@ [The Fix]
@ =========
@ Added the logic to disable the button after the user clicks on the "view"
@ button and re-enable it when the report is loaded.

I told a group of customers once that they have a headache and we have a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, alright, I actually said 'aspirin'. This little gem of a fix helps relieve another little headache that our aspirin was causing. The patch number for all this BIP pain killing is 13399232, enjoy!

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  • james Monday, November 21, 2011

    Is there an update for 11.1.5?

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