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This page is intentionally blank

Feverish doc writer Leslie (and I mean that in the literary sense, she's not sick) and I have had multiple mails since left the building asking if there was a mistake made in the documentation ... 'it's the same document, have you made a mistake?'

Nope, no mistake, there are just no new features worth writing about its only a point-point-point release after all. Come on thats just means bug fixes!

But what about 'BIP ... the next chapter' ... it was lies, all of it!

Nah, Im kidding - there are a ton of features and the decision was talken to document them in a New Features Guide rather than update the User/Developer Guide ... hmmm. I guess the thinking was that it was a dot-dot-dot release so there would not be much to update. Well the new features span eight, admittedly shortish chapters, but run for nearly 70 pages ... thats a chunk of documentation for a new features guide that only runs to 112 pages including the 'this page is intentionally blank' pages.

You can get the documentation library here - http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E10383_01/doc/nav/portal_1.htm - New Features Guide is under the 'Getting Started' tab.

Hopefully, we can get that merged into the main doc before the next release and it's new features guide comes out, otherwise we will be in a mess and you'll be even deeper in the mire.
Now dont go printing it all out and wasting all those trees just so you have it next to you. Just persuade your manager that you need a second shiny new 24" flat panel monitor and that you'll rig up a generator to your bicycle in your cube/office/home so that you can save the company the power to run it ... you'll be getting fit and be clean and green all at the same time.

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