Thursday Nov 29, 2012

Spring Cleaning

I recently got a shiny new laptop; moving my shiz from old to new, was not the nightmare it used to be. I have gotten into the habit of using a second hard drive in the media bay where the CDROM normally sits. That drive contains my life's work with BIP. I can pull it out and plug it into another machine very easily. I have been sorting through some old directories and files, archiving some, sharing others with colleagues.

For instance, a little dated but if you were looking for a list of Publisher reports available in EBS R12.1, here it is. Im trying to track down a more recent R12 instance and will re-post the document.

I also found another gem; its a little out there in terms of usefulness but Im sharing it none the less. You can embed, locally or remotely reference SVG graphics (in XML format) and bring the images into the BIP outputs. Template and sample data here.

A nice set of templates showing page number control and page suppression - they will need some explanation, so I'll save them for another post.

The list goes on but I'll save them for later. Back to the clean up!

Wednesday Aug 03, 2011

Crispy Charts!

It's been so long ... since I last post Kan has been stepping up and providing content. You may know I love weather and have a not so secret desire to see a tornado up close and personal. Since my last post I have come close, I got trapped in deepest darkest Mississippi and hot and sultry Montgomery, AL due to the most fantastic electrical storms. St Louis nearly kept me for an extra night but in spite of tornado sirens our plane snuck out just in time to avoid the worst.

I have also dropped quite a lot of poundage and last week took part in my first Triathlon, just a 'sprint' you understand. 1/2 mile swim, 11 mile ride and a 5K crawl, sorry I mean run. My dear wife joined me and we did not finish last! I even managed to come 8th in the bicycle ride!

To ease back into the blogging world, a bit of a corner case solution that could be applied to other issues and I wanted to get it down on 'paper' before I forget it. We have a customer that is having issues with the charting engine in 10g. As many of you know, you can customize the charts beyond what the dialog box in MSWord offers. Said customer was hitting an alignment issue in one of their customizations. When generating the chart to RTF all was well but with HTML and more particularly PDF the alignment was off. The first think to remember is that by default BIP will try and generate SVG outputs for the charts if it can. In the case of RTF it can not so you get an embedded image. In HTML and PDF, it can, hence the difference in alignment.

The difference in the chart quality is surprising:


The image format above and the svg below

I have had to shrink the images a little but you get the idea. Your svg charts are crisp and clear, even if you zoom in to them. The image formats, not so good.

We needed to log and enhancement/bug against the chart engine but was there a workaround? 

If you have ever used the export feature in the Template Builder to take a look at the XSL, you may have noticed a bunch of parameters the engine drops in. One of those controls the chart format, _XDOCHARTTYPE. The actual line is:

<xsl:param name="_XDOCHARTTYPE">image/svg+xml</xsl:param>

So we need a way to override this parameter for the HTML and PDF outputs. Well the HTML is easy, in the user preferences you can specify that you want chart images in your HTML output, simple. For PDF, you need to do a little more work.

Hopefully you know that you can have a set of config properties either at site level or at report level. There are a bunch you can change via the UI. We need to add one manually.

For Report Level only
1. Navigate to the report folder in the BIP catalog
2. Open the xdo.cfg file. If there is not one present, go back to the UI for the report and click the Config link, then just change any property to the opposite of the site level and Apply. This will create a cfg for you back in the report directory. You an change it back later. Now open it.
3. In the properties section add the following line

<property name="xslt._XDOCHARTTYPE">'image/png'</property>

4. Save the file and re-run the report to PDF output and you will get charts embedded as images rather than SVG and the alignment issue will be gone. There is a price to pay in clarity of the charts but its a work around that works.

If you want this for all reports you can put the same property into the 'master' cfg file in Admin/Configuration. Again, you may have to change a value to get the cfg file created.  

Definitely a corner case but the technique can be applied to any parameter settings in the generated XSLFO file. The xslt. prefix also allows you to set your own paraemter values in the template that might be needed ... I'll save that explantion for another time.


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