Monday Feb 10, 2014

Alternate Tray Printing

Since we introduced support for check printing PCL escape sequences in i.e. being able to set the micr font or change the print cartridge to the magnetic ink for that string. I have wanted to test out other PCL commands, particularly, changing print trays. Say you have letter headed paper or pre-printed or colored paper in tray 2 but only want to use it for the first page or specific or for a separator page, the rest can come out of plain ol Tray 1 with its copier paper.

I have had a couple of inquiries recently and so, I finally took some time to test out the theory. I should add here, that the dev team thought it would work but were not 100%. The feature was built for the check printing requirements alone so they could not support any other commands. I was hopeful thou!
In short, it works!

I can generate a document and print it with embedded PCL commands to change from Tray 1 (&l4H) to Tray 2 (&l1H ) - yep, makes no sense to me either. I got the codes from here, useful site with a host of other possibilities to test.

For the test, I just created a department-employee listing that broke the page when the department changed. Just inside the first grouping loop I included the PCL string to set Tray 1.

<pcl><control><esc/>&l4H </control> </pcl>

Note, this has to be in clear text, you can not use a formfield.
I then created a dummy insert page using a template and called it from just within the closing department group field (InsertPAGE field.) At the beginning of the dummy page I included the PCL string to get the paper from Tray 2:

<pcl><control><esc/>&l1H</control> </pcl>

When you run this to PDF you will see the PCL string. I played with this and hid it using a white font and it worked great, assuming you have white paper :)

When you set up the printer in the BIP admin console, you need to ensure you have picked the 'PDF to PCL Filter' for the printer.

If you dont want to have PCL enabled all the time, you can have multiple definitions for the same printer with/with out the PCL filter. Users just need to pick the appropriate printer instance. Using this filter ensures that those PCL strings will be preserved into the final PCL that gets sent to the printer.

Example files here. Official documentation on the PCL string here.

Happy Printing!

Friday Feb 29, 2008

Use your CUPS

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Tuesday Nov 27, 2007

Check Print Template


Check printing seems to be the hot topic right now ... I have seen far too many requests for a check print template out in the publisher-sphere. Its a little complex with the cheque or check (depending on your version of English) at the top. It then repeats the invoices to be paid twice allowing 10 rows (this is adjustable) for each. If it spills to a second page then the check portion is not printed.


It also has some conditional formatting around the check signature images - this is a soft image solution but could easily be used with the 'hard' solution I blogged last week from Dustin and Keith from the National Lime & Stone Company.

In the zip file that contains the template, data, PDF output and signature images there is also an annotated version of the template that attempts to explain how the thing actually works under the covers.

Its delivered as is - its actually based on an Oracle Report XML output from EBS so apologies to non EBS folks but it should be enough to get you up and running at least.

And before you try, not that you would, but you might, thats a random routing and account number :0) 


Monday Sep 17, 2007

Printing Garbage

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