Wednesday Jan 27, 2016

Up in the JCS Clouds !!

Hello Friends,

Oracle BI Publisher has been in the cloud for quite sometime a part of Fusion Applications or few other Oracle product offerings. We now announce certification of BI Publisher in the Java Cloud Services!! 

BI Publisher on JCS

Oracle Java Cloud Service (JCS) is a part of the platform service offerings in Oracle Cloud. Powered by Oracle WebLogic Server, it provides a platform on top of Oracle's enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure for developing and deploying new or existing Java EE applications. Check for more details on JCS here. In this page, under "Perform Advanced Tasks" you can find a link to "Leverage your on-premise licenses". This page cites all the products certified for Java Cloud Services and now we can see BI Publisher listed as one of the certified products using Fusion Middleware

How to Install BI Publisher on JCS?

Here are the steps to install BI Publisher on JCS. The certification supports the Virtual Image option only.

Step 1: Create DBaaS Instance

Step 2: Create JCS Instance

To create an Oracle Java Cloud Service instance, use the REST API for Oracle Java Cloud Service. Do not use the Wizard in the GUI. The Wizard does not allow an option to specify the MWHOME partition size, whereas REST API allows us to specify this. The default size created by the Wizard is generally insufficient for BI Publisher deployments.

The detailed instructions to install JCS instance are available in the Oracle By Example Tutorial under "Setting up your environment", "Creating an Oracle Java Cloud Service instance".

Step 3:  Install and Configure BI Publisher

  1. Set up RCU on DBaaS
    • Copy RCU
    • Run RCU
  2. Install BI Publisher in JCS instance
    • Copy BI Installer in JCS instance
    • Run Installer
    • Use Software Only Install
  3. Configure BI Publisher
    • Extend Weblogic Domain
    • Configure Policy Store
    • Configure JMS
    • Configure Security

You can follow the detailed installation instructions as documented in "Oracle By Example" tutorial. 

Minimum Cloud Compute and Storage Requirements:

  1. Oracle Java Cloud Service: 1 OCPU, 7.5 GB Memory, 62 GB Storage
    • To install Weblogic instance
    • To Install BI Publisher
    • To set Temp File Directory in BI Publisher
  2. Oracle Database Cloud Service: 1 OCPU, 7.5 GB Memory, 90 GB Storage
    • To install RCU
    • To use DBaaS as a data source
  3. Oracle IaaS (Compute & Storage): (Optional - Depends on sizing requirements)
    • To Enable Local & Cloud Storage option in DBaaS (Used with Full Tooling option)

So now you can use your on-premise license to host BI Publisher as a standalone on the Java Cloud Services for all your highly formatted, pixel perfect enterprise reports for your cloud based applications. Have a great Day !!

Tuesday Apr 24, 2012

Collaborate 2012 update - additional Hands On Lab sessions

Hello Collaborators.

Great first 2 days at Collaborate. 

On Sunday saw Anthony Isele from McKesson tell a wonderful success story on how they converted critical contracts from Actuate to BI Publisher within Siebel CRM - A Case Study of a Migration to BI Publisher From Actuate at a Leading Healthcare Company.  Earlier Mark Andrezjewski and Shawn Scanlon touted the benefits of the Oracle Red Stack for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne customers - I Bleed Red, Oracle Red Stack that Is...

Big news on Monday from our friends on the JD Edwards team who introduced EnterpriseOne 9.1 with One View Reporting Press Release -- bringing the power and ease of use of BI Publisher 11g to EnterpriseOne customers.

Also saw Edelweiss Kamermann from the UYOUG share the good news about BI Publisher 11g for BI Publisher Enterprise customers and customers of BIEE -- BI Publisher 11g: Only Good News

Thanks again to the BIWA SIG of the IOUG and to Vlamis Software Solutions for again preparing servers and client machines to host the Hands On Labs. Like the past 2 years we had more people show up than we could accommodate.

For those of you who couldn't get a seat at the BI Publisher Hands On Lab on Monday, the IOUG has generously arranged for a repeat sessions on

Thursday 8:30 - 9:30 and 9:45 - 10:45 in Palm B 

Please come by for this opportunity to get your hands on experience with BI Publisher 11g.  Unfortunately the lab handouts are too large to upload to the blog site.  Please visit Building Reports and Data Models in Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher Hands On Lab and you can download the lab handouts from there.

I'm sure there were other wonderful presentations these past two days.  There are so many it's hard to get to all of them.

Looking forward to the rest of the show.


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