Thursday Feb 12, 2015

How do I ...

An email came in this morning to an internal mailing list,

We have an Essbase customer with some reporting requirements and we are evaluating BI Publisher as the potential solution. I'd like to ask for your help with any document, blog or white paper with guidelines about using BI Publisher with Essbase as the main data source.

Is there any tutorial showing how to use BI Publisher with Essbase as the main data source?

There is not one to my knowledge but trying to be helpful I came up with the following response

I'll refer to the docs ...
First set up your connection to Essbase
Then create your data model using that Essbase connection
Use the MDX query builder to create the query or write it yourself (lots of fun :)
Add parameters (optional)
Then build layouts for your Essbase query
annnnd your're done :)

Simple, right? Well simple in its format but it required me to know the basic steps to build said report and then where to find the appropriate pages in the doc for the links. Leslie saw my reply and commented on how straightforward it was and how our docs are more like reference books than 'how to's.' This got us thinking. I have noticed that the new 'cloud' docs have How do I ... sections where a drop down will then show maybe 10 tasks associated with the page Im on right now in the application.

Getting that help functionality into the BIP is going to take a while. We thought, in the mean time, we could carve out a section on the blog for just such content. Here's where you guys come in. What do you want to know how to do? Suggestions in the comment pleeeease!

Thursday Sep 25, 2014

Database Links

Yeah, its been a while, moving on ...

I got a question a week back asking about how BI Publisher could handle dblinks. The customer currently has db links from DB1 to DB2 and uses them in their queries. Could BIP handle the syntax and pass it on to the database in its SQL or could it handle the link another way?

select e1.emp_name
, e1.emp_id
from emps e1
, emps@db2 e2
where e1.manager_id =

Well, there is the obvious way to create the join in BIP. Just get rid of the db link alttogether and create two separate database connections (db1 and db2). Write query A against db1 and query B against db2. Then just create a join between the two queries, simple.

 But, what if you wanted to use the dblink? Well, BIP would choke on the @db2 you would have in the sql. Some silly security rules that, no, you can not turn off if you want to. But there are ways around it, the choking, not the security. Create an alias at the database level for the emp@db2, that way BIP can parse the resulting query. Lets assume I create an alias in the db for my db linked table as 'managers'. Now my query becomes:

select e1.emp_name
, e1.emp_id
from emps e1
, managers e2
where e1.manager_id =

 BIP will not choke, it will just pass the query through and the db can handle the linking for it.

Thats it, thats all I got on db links. See you in 6 months :)

Wednesday Mar 05, 2014

Internal Links

Another great question today, this time, from friend and colleague, Jerry the master house re-fitter. I think we are competing on who can completely rip and replace their entire house in the shortest time on their own. Every conversation we have starts with 'so what are you working on?' He's in the midst of a kitchen re-fit, Im finishing off odds and ends before I re-build our stair well and start work on my hidden man cave under said stairs. Anyhoo, his question!

Can you create a PDF document that shows a summary on the first page and provides links to more detailed sections further down in the document?

Why yes you can Jerry. Something like this? Click on the department names in the first table and the return to top links in the detail sections. Pretty neat huh? Dynamic internal links based on the data, in this case the department names.

Its not that hard to do either. Here's the template, RTF only right now.

The important fields in this case are the ones in red, heres their contents.


<fo:block id="doctop" />

Just think of it as an anchor to the top of the page called doctop

Back to Top

<fo:basic-link internal-destination="doctop" text-decoration="underline">Back to Top</fo:basic-link>

Just a live link 'Back to Top' if you will, that takes the user to the doc top location i.e. to the top of the page.


<fo:block id="{DEPARTMENT_NAME}"/>

Just like the TopLink above, this just creates an anchor in the document. The neat thing here is that we dynamically name it the actual value of the DEPARTMENT_NAME. Note that this link is inside the for-each:G_DEPT loop so the {DEPARTMENT_NAME} is evaluated each time the loop iterates. The curly braces force the engine to fetch the DEPARTMENT_NAME value before creating the anchor.


<fo:basic-link  internal-destination="{DEPARTMENT_NAME}" ><?DEPARTMENT_NAME?></fo:basic-link>

This is the link for the user to be able to navigate to the detail for that department. It does not use a regular MSWord URL, we have to create a field in the template to hold the department name value and apply the link. Note, no text decoration this time i.e. no underline.

You can add a dynamic link on to anything in the summary section. You just need to remember to keep link 'names' as unique as needed for source and destination. You can combine multiple data values into the link name using the concat function.

Template and data available here. Tested with 10 and 11g, will work with all BIP flavors.

Wednesday Apr 18, 2012

BI Publisher at Collaborate 2012

Wow - There are over 30 fantastic presentations that cover BI Publisher at Collaborate this year.  Interest and use of BI Publisher continues to spread across the growing family of Oracle Applications and products.

See Focus On BI Publisher at Collaborate 2012
for a day by day view of all the sessions.

Come and visit us at the Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation demo station (kiosk 14) to chat and see BI Publisher 11g live.

If you want to try BI Publisher 11g, show up for the Hands On Lab - early !
Last year we had over 200 people show up for 40 seats.
We are running 2 sessions this year to accommodate more people but still expect this to be a sold out event.

Here is a breakdown of BI Publisher sessions organized by Application area of interest.
Follow the link or see Focus On BI Publisher for time, location and speaker info.

General Interest for All

Building Reports and Data Models in Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher Hands On Lab -- 2nd session
BI Publisher 11g: Only Good News
Oracle Analytics & Performance Management Strategy and Road Map
Oracle BI Publisher: The Reporting Platform for Oracle Applications
OBIEE 11g - Using the New Features of Answers and BI Publisher
Oracle BI Publisher: Anatomy of an RTF Template
Migrating Discoverer to Oracle BIEE: Take Your Reporting to the Next Level
The Right Information, The Right Tool, the Right Time
Project and HR Analytics + OBIEE 11g + Exadata = Operational Efficiency

E-Business Suite

Jump Start Your Custom Reports with E-Business Suite R12's Seeded BI Publisher Templates
Upgrading to R12 Payments Funds Disbursement: An iRobot Case Study
Introduction to BI Publisher in Oracle EBS R12- Getting Started
Look Before You Leap! Issues to Consider When Migrating Discoverer Reports to BI Publisher 11g
Making Sense of Parent-Child Relationships – The Oracle Kind, Not the Human Kind
Adding Data Elements to BI Publisher Documents
Printing PDF Documents in Self Service Made Easy By Integrating BI Publisher With OAF
Oracle Payments in Release 12 - Take it to the Bank!

JD Edwards Enterprise One

I Bleed Red, Oracle Red Stack that Is...
Using Oracle BI Publisher for JD Edwards Operational and Financial Reporting
JD Edwards: Let's Get Going with BI Publisher
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne XE to 9.0 in Less Than 100 Days
Choosing the Right Solution to Transform Data to Actionable Information - Oracle EPM, BI and Reporting
Using Oracle BI Publisher to E-mail Customer ACH Payment Confirmations


Transitioning From InfoMaker to BI Publisher
Introduction to Primavera Contract Management, Business Intelligence Publisher Edition
Understanding the Px Schema and Writing Reports for Primavera P6 Using Oracle BI Publisher
Oracle Primavera and BPM - The Power of Integration
Reporting from Contract Management 14.0 Using BI Publisher 11g
Primavera P6 Release 8 - Web Innovation & So Much More

JD Edwards Enterprise World

Import/Export – Electronic Document Delivery – BI Publisher Gateway
BI Publisher and World
Delivering Value through EDD and BI Publisher in World A9.2


XML Publisher - Become an Expert in an Hour


A Case Study of a Migration to BI Publisher From Actuate at a Leading Healthcare Company

Hope to see you in Vega$,
Mike, Leslie and Nikos


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