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Summary Total Text in BIEE

Don't panic, we're not turning into a BIEE blog, I have been doing dome work with it lately and could not find the following nugget out there. Colleagues on an internal list helped out with my request - it was a simple one but I wanted to record it for posterity.

As many of you have seen you can generate totals and sub-totals in your BIP templates quite easily, you can also embed fields into the total label text.


To get the customers name in the total text, its just a case of copy and pasting the customer name field into the table cell.


I needed to do the same in a BIEE pivot table. Not quite so obvious but doable, once I got some help from my friends, ooooh I get by with a little help from my friends ... danged Guitar Hero! I dont even like the Beatles, for a Brit, sacrilege I know.

Building out the pivot you can see that if you set a total for the group you get XXXXX Total.


the dialog to customize the total string is tucked away a little. Click the total icon again and select Format Labels


This will pop the dialog


You can now enter the text you want, the '@' character will be replaced at runtime with the actual group value.

The pivot now renders with the required text.


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Comments ( 6 )
  • Sergey Porokh Thursday, September 17, 2009
    I have such template:
    >?end for-each?>
    I'd like to use choose-statement on CN variable in order to display different Text values on a Page Level, eg,
    choose CN
    when 30 then
    when 40 then
    Is it possible to implement it on a page level?
    Only known workaround - Layout in Oracle reports...
    I tried to use:
    >?xdofx:decode(xdoxslt:get_variable($_XDOCTX,'CN'),14,'Fourteen',31,'Thirty one', 'Other')>?
    but it returns null.
    According to the documentation:
    "The $_XDOCTX specifies the global document context for the variables."
    Do you know the context for Page-level variables?
    PS: I heve deliberately changed tage brackets
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