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    February 1, 2008

Sparkin' Charts

Its been a week almost full of chart tips and hints, except for the Tweeting post on Monday, where are you all? To round off the week, more charting, this is a new chart to me - they are called Spark charts, when you see one you kind of see why they are called that.


Mine are rather long sparks but you get the idea. Its really just a series of line charts with all the trimmings stripped out such as borders, grid lines, axes lines and values etc.
I got an inquiry or maybe it was a challenge from Bryan (one of the BIP bloggers - who we have not heard from recently :0) in the sales team. He cc'ed me and told a colleague that sparks might be possible with BIBeans and BIP but the man to know would be Tim Dexter - a challenge if ever I heard one.

Its not that tough to do, its a matter of turning off all the lines and text and using a line chart. Again, the Chart dialog in the Template Builder is going to let you down here - just wait for that property palette version - even I will stop pulling my hair out trying to get these things working. Here's the XML anyways:

<Graph version="" autoLayout="AL_NEVER" markerTooltipType="MTT_NONE" markerDisplayed="false"
graphicAntialiasing="true" textAntialiasing="true" graphType="LINE_VERT_ABS"
<ImageSize height="80"/>
<LegendArea visible="false"/>
<O1Axis visible="false"/>
<O1TickLabel visible="false"/>
<PlotArea borderTransparent="true" fillTransparent="true">
<Rect height="24000" width="31842" x="-15889" y="11807"/>
<Rect height="22400" width="20800" x="-11381" y="12339"/>
<Series id="0" color="#66"/>
<Y1Axis visible="false"/>
<Y1MajorTick visible="false"/>
<Y1TickLabel visible="false"/>
<Y2MajorTick visible="false"/>

notice the 'visible' attribute being set to false for the axes related stuff and the plot area border set to transparent - thats it really. The only other element of note is the 'Rect' in the PlotArea - this allows the chart to fill the whole area in the dummy image in the template. Its fiddly but resonably quick to set.

The other cool bit is to get the charts repeating in the table for each range - thats as simple as putting the chart inside a repeating group in a table just like a field.


You can get the template, data and output here. Next week ... more charts, nah Im kidding even I have had enough for a while!

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  • Ike Wiggins Friday, February 1, 2008
    That's pretty cool tim!
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