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Source Control and Versioning

There have been some questions recently on versioning BIP components. Sadly I dont have a good answer for this right now, this post is an effort to clarify where we are. We do not support versioning in the EBS or Standalone flavors, if you're in PeopleSoft Enterprise or JDE E1 you're in much better shape - they built versioning in when BIP was implemented.

Its something we have on our list of things to do - its a long list but its in there. The only partial solution you could implement is to use the file name approach, completely manual and no means to retrieve former versions. In the case of EBS and the standalone you could at least use a version control system on the files on the disk so you had some version control. In the case of EBS we store the templates, both layout and data in the database, so not so useful but with the standalone release you can store everything on the disk so a version control system could work quite well.

A post with no great answers, Im slippping but there have been so many questions I just wanted to get the current situation out there so now you know. 

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