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Righteous Reports Repository Review

Another shameless OOW session plug - I wrote about the Reports Repository last week - Joe Gum and Elise Mattei form the Finapps strategy will be presenting RR in all its glory. I have sat through a dry run and its not gonna be a 'death by powerpoint' session. I have known Joe for some time, he's a great guy and a lot of fun - its going to be an awesome session, informative but fun - no chance of nodding off in the back. 

First There Was Napster, Now There's Flickr--What's Next? Introducing the Reports RepositoryJoe Gum, Oracle; Elise Mattei, OracleTuesday
10:45 AM - 11:45 AM
Moscone West
2002 - L2

The title is a little cryptic for those of you looking for Publisher related sessions but its all about sharing publisher templates rather than music, software and photos - get it? The room is filling up quick so get a reservation in - if you can not make it but have booked for the EBS Publisher session on Tuesday afternoon you'll get to see RR - I have cajoled Joe into joining us for a demo.

Next week - its regular OOW pictures and short commentary coming at you. I have Flickr set up to push images and editorial out to the blog via my cell phone. So I can blog from the demogrounds, sessions, some bar of an evening that Im sure to end up in - OK maybe not the bar. Hopefully, those of you that can not make it will get some 'publisher' flavor of OOW.
I'll not be 'twittering' thou - Jake mentions the OOW twitter stream created by Eddie on the AppsLab blog - I still can not see the value. If I can get images and editorial out to the blog in the same time that I can 'twitter' a message then why not blog it to the masses - easier to consume than a stream of messages I think - maybe I'll see the light and have my 'road to Damacus' moment but I doubt it. We have all but forgotten how to talk to one another - I even caught myself saying this week 'I'll drop them an email.' I caught myself and 2 minutes later it was sorted out on the phone 'voice to voice' - I followed up with a mail thou. Just talk people!

Update: Just went and looked at the OOW twitter feed and Eddie has hooked up Oracle blog related headlines to the feed any way - so if twitter is your preferred medium you'll at least get links to publisher blog entries. 

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  • Terra Andres Sunday, October 10, 2010
    It was a very cool idea! Actually would like to thank you for the insight you have shared. Just carry on creating this kind of posts. I'll stay your devoted subscriber. Thank you.
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