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    November 12, 2008

Powerpoint Templates?

I got a good template last week that made me double take. Those of you that have seen enough Oracle themed powerpoints will remember the preponderance of red blocks on the slides. The problem was simple, the template was not working?

When I first opened it from my mail client, I did a double take thinking the emailer was trying to create a powerpoint template. Tough to see in the graphic below ... click to blow it up.

Imagine some one madly trying to answer mail, build a demo and answer a phone, having written or seen umpteen Oracle powerpoints and you'll be close to the state I was in when I opened it, double took and burst out laughing, someone thinking they could build a powerpoint template, bah!

After a third look I realized that it had opened in Word and it was an rtf file. With no margins and all that red it looked just like a powerpoint slide.

The reason it was not working properly came down to the shapes and the way the images were pasted in. We have some issues with the the shapes and getting them to sit in the right place. They 'float' above the regular word palette and its tough to pin them down for non PDF and RTF outputs.

A quick conversion to a table with colored cells and properly inserted images i.e. insert->picture->from file... and it renders great in powerpoint output. Template available here.

So to answer the Powerpoint template question, if you're asking it? No, its not supported but you can get some mighty fine ppt outputs from the RTF templates with a little ingenuity.

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  • Emmitt Youngkin Sunday, September 26, 2010
    Nope not weird at all.. Happened to me, I judged them by their appearance the first time I met him and messed up everything, then we became friends and I got to know his personality.. Because of my stupidity and ignorance I lost one of the most amazing guys I have ever and probably will ever meet..
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