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More from the release sorry 'Appers' - I have a great article on duplex output and printing coming for everyone soon.

Being able to link to a report has been possible in previous releases but its now so much easier for you. When you install and open a report you'll notice a 'Link to this Report' link on the right hand side. Clicking it will give you some choices on how you want to link.


Selecting and clicking an option will pop a box at the top of the browser so you can copy the link.


and use it as a shortcut to a specific report. If its in a 'private' directory then you are going to be challenged for a password of course. The options are pretty self explanatory I think.

Current Page - go on have a a guess
No Header - hmmm ... its a tough one
No Parameters - getting harder I know
Document Only - if you have not got it by now I give up.

What's really nice is that you dont have to work out how to construct the URL anymore to include all of our cryptic html parameters I blogged about a while back.

Try it out, if there are other options you'd like, let us know. 

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