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Apologies for the very patchy updates ... too danged busy at the moment.

Today, a PeopleSoft entry, Im looking for more non-EBS and standalone entries so get some questions or entries to me and I'll get them published. I got an email from Edward, one of our consultants.

At a client site where the client wants to utilize XML Publisher within PeopleSoft HCM 9.0. No issue here but ... the client wants to prompt for two date values that the user can embed into the Report Definition (template) - so the other fields in the template are extracted from PeopleSoft tables but the clients wants to supply 2 real-time values for dates.

For example ...


From to , the ....


How/where do I create two runtime prompts? Thanks.

Now, I freely admit, I dont know the PeopleSoft implementation as well as I might but I know folks that do ... thats important. In this case Jody and her tireless team, particularly Mikhail and Rabah, stepped up for me with answers.

You need to pass these as runtime Properties through PeopleCode. The ReportDefn class has setRuntimeProperties() method that can be used for this purpose. So the PeopleCode behind your page will need to get the values from the page and pass them to the ReportDefn object.

Your PeopleCode will include something like this.

&asPropName = CreateArrayRept("", 0);

&asPropValue = CreateArrayRept("", 0);




You can pass more parameters here


&oRptDefn.SetRuntimeProperties(&asPropName, &asPropValue);

Process and publisher/print your ReptDefn here

In your template, you need to have something like:

PeopleBooks includes an example on setting Runtime properties. PeopleTools passes the following parameters by default:





So now, I know and more importantly, you know!

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