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Oracle Policy Automation and BI Publisher

Yep, found another integration with BIP. I get asked about Oracle Policy Automation quite a lot; I do not profess to know much; enough to be dangerous I guess. However, I was not aware that they had been working with BIP to help automate the generation of documents from the system.

For the uninitiated, here's the blurb care of :

Oracle Policy Modeling is a Windows desktop application for
transforming legislation and policy documents into executable business
rules. Rules are written in Word and Excel documents using phrases in
languages such as English, Chinese and French. These rule documents can be shared amongst business and information technology stakeholders, and commentary can be added into the documents without
affecting the structure of the rules themselves. Other features of Oracle Policy Modeling include integrated test case execution and debugging capabilities, and the definition of interviews for interactive
rule-based assessments. Interview screen order and branching logic can be defined using visual flow diagrams.

In other words, a cool piece of technology, but tell us Tim how is it used? Well, it has been publicly deployed within several government web-sites. Australia's Department of Immigration uses
it for visitors to check their eligibility for visas. The UK uses it for their Employment Status Indicator assessment tool, the UK governments online portal for businesses also uses OPA for over 60 interactive tools while the United States uses the software for guidance on tax law. The last one might be pertinent for me this weekend as W-2s have arrived and I have a night of misery trying to get a refund.

How does BIP fit in? Pictures are worth a thousands words and Fiona from the development team down under has recorded a great YouTube session explaining the integration and how to take advantage of it. I know I'm becoming more American cos I found it a little hard to place her accent at first, not to be rude Fiona but was it Brit, Aussie or maybe New Zealand? I plumped for Aussie, 10 points to me ... phew!

Direct link to the OPA YouTube channel - some other great vids on use cases and features.

You can find the OPA Homepage here lots of info on the tool and its possible applications.

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  • Fiona Guy Friday, November 9, 2012

    Awesome. 10 points! :-)

  • Fiona Guy Friday, November 9, 2012

    Awesome! 10 points to you Sir :-)

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