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  • September 25, 2008

OOW Wednesday

Another busy day on the demogrounds, or at least a morning for me. I got to slope off for 2 hours at the Meet the Experts session at the Applications Lounge. Apparently, Im an expert, and folks value my input - thanks to those of you that came. Apologies, to Helga from Deloitte, whose notepad I drew all over trying to explain how Publisher worked inside Siebel CRM. I think it helped.

After the MTE session and break for some food and a quick visit to the JDE and PeopleSoft reporting demopods. I got to see Mikhail from the PeopleSoft dev team in full flight, sadly he spotted me and tolds the folks he was talking to, to emial me if they had questions.Then it was off to the Unconference session, where I stumbled through a more complex template. Apologies to all - after the session I realized I had opened a completely mangled Invoice template - hence the confusion on all the for-each's.

The day wrapped up back in the demogrounds and on the phone to try and procure a wrist band for the evenings entertainment. That in hand I got over to Treasure Island to check out the music. Seal was great, took me back to my youth.


Bit blurry but we were dancing!

Then to UB40, these were/are a reggae band from the 80s, I think alot of folks were a little bemused by the beat. When they opened their set they had a great Publisher back drop.


The first PDF template, probably around before PDFs had even been thought of. The UB40 form was a form you filled out every week to explain that you had not worked and could rightfully claim unemployment benefit in the UK.


If the form were around today, it would a prime candidate for either using as a template or for data entry!

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Comments ( 3 )
  • David Haimes Friday, September 26, 2008
    Nice UB40 picture, the one I took didn't come out that well. The UB40 was such a part of British culture during the high unemployment years and the band UB40 got their name because apparently they all met when they used to go and 'sign on the dole'. I thought the UB40 were great.
  • Zofia Mcardle Friday, July 23, 2010
    With the unemployment rate still at 9.3% last month I'm feeling pretty concerned. In addition my beloved state of Colorado is under 8. I hope Obama can cut these rates soon enough to improve peoples outlook.
  • Chasidy Buckreis Sunday, September 12, 2010
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