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Just a quick wrap up on Sunday - this morning we had the XMLP SIG run by Abhishek for OAUG - its funny there were more folks in the room that the picture would have you believe ... honest!

I thought it was a good session folks got the chance to vent and ask questions - its great to see so many people either live or going live with Publisher and now starting to ask 'OK, so what can I do with it next' - bursting is going to be a major thang for many of you I think - its certainly got peoples ears princked when it was mentioned this morning - the other biggy was 'hardware' secured check printing - we have a soft solution but many of you already have a DIMM card in your printer and want us to talk to it. Eric from Evergreen Data Systems got the chance to step to the plate on that one this morning. Evergreen are an Oracle  partner and have just such a 'hard' check solution and they have now got it working with Publisher under the concurrent manager. If you are looking to implement check printing from scratch check them and their solution out - they have a booth down on the exhibition floor - look out for them.

I know there are folks out there that already have the hardware purchased - they just need to be able to 'talk' to it via Publisher - those of you in the room this morning at least got a nod from our man at the top that we would take a look into it. Because we do not generate the PCL output ourselves its going to be a limited solution but we might be able to look at doing something for you in the near future. I'd appreciate any comments on this and requirements.

Anyhoo, I seemed to have come out of the meeting with about 15 action items to investigate - not quite sure how that happened. I just attract work I guess :o)

This afternoon was spent trying to get the demogrounds together - we have 3 dedicated Publisher pods this year - 2 standalone and an EBS one - Im still a die hard EBS fan at heart so you'll see me mostly hanging out at the EBS pod willing to wax lyrical all day or until my voice gives up to anyone that will listen. For those of you with a PeopleSoft or JDE 'bent' - there are pods for you too in your respective areas.

This evening was spent with the folks from Hologic and Washington Group International(WGI) - Glenn from Hologic will be presenting a good foundation guide to Publisher from a customers persepctive on Thursday 10-11am Moscone West 3014 - if you want an intro with the chance to quiz someone who's gonna tell you how it is get to the session - Im gonna bust a gut to be there. Rich and Ray from WGI hail from my new 'neck of the woods' in deepest darkest Colorado - they have been doing some visionary stuff with SOA in their company and Publisher provides the reporting and document generation component and integrates into their master document processing plan. They will really get under the covers of Publisher and down to the nitty gritty of BIP APIs on Wednesday 4.30-5.30pm Moscone West 3024 - should be a great technical session, join them to see how they put publisher (and us) through its paces. If nothing else come and ask Rich just what WGI does - its amazing - check out his podcast with Cliff last year.  

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