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OOW Monday

A hectic Monday, a morning on the demo grounds and an agonising afternoon getting ready for our 5.30 dinner appointment, sorry Publisher session. I think it was too late in the day, I could hear stomachs rumbling from the stage.

The spot we have on the demo grounds is prime real estate, we are right on the front of the demo section at the end of the main walkway into the exhibition hall - you can not miss us and yoiu have no excuse not to come and say Hi! In the south hall we have EBS and a standalone demo pods. Over in the West hall you'll find JDE, PeopleSofy and Siebel pods - yep, Publisher is taking over!

Other than the session being late, its went OK. Somewhere between my hotel room and the room my presentation managed to mangle itself completely. I'll et that cleaned up and posted here soon.

We had a good mix of folks, majority of you still EBS but a good smattering of JDE, PeopleSoft and Siebel bippers. You all certainly seem to be 'maturing' in your use of Publisher with many folks now live and generating some of the tougher documents that you need, Im talking check printing, invoices and purchase orders.

Special mention to Lisa, Lisa volunteered as a complete newbie to come up on stage and build a template with a little help from Noelle. She finished way faster than I expected and proceeded to tell the audience 'how simple building templates' was, a bit like 'mail merge' AT this point I have to say, I did not know Lisa, did not pay her, etc - she got a cool t-shirt for here trouble thou!

Tomorrow I have scheduled an Unconference session @3pm on 3rd Floor Moscone West - I have some t-shirts left so come, if not for the session, on advanced templating, then for the free shirt !

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  • Noel Cook Tuesday, September 30, 2008
    I attended the What's New with BI Publisher session and talked to you afterward. Although I haven't used Publisher or Report Manager, I am working on getting set up for those so I can try some things. Can you send me the PowerPoint you used in this session?
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