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It's snowing but BIP downloads are here

Well, its a first for me, 8" of snow and accumulating and it's the 24th of April.

Despite this and a power cut due to snow bringing down powerlines and shorting out transformers I bring you happy news ...

At last ... you heard it here first, I hope ... BIP is now downloadable from OTN as a standalone release with its own installer. The '.1' refers to it being a porting release i.e. not just Windows and Linux. So nothing new on top of feature wise at least. I've written about some of the new features available but here's a summary again (thanks Mike):

  • Integration with Oracle BI ? Dashboard, Answers, Advanced Reporting and Analytical Server

  • Report Bursting

  • Template Builder for Word: crosstab builder and new chart builder

  • Template Builder for Word: Online integration

  • Upload and scheduling of EXCEL Analyzer reports

  • Scheduler support expanded to include MS SQL Sever and IBM DB2 as well as Oracle DB

  • New consolidated scheduler/history screens ? schedule public and private

  • Administration UI for configuration option and fonts ? for system and report specific.

  • File data sources

  • New templates: eText, XSL stylesheets

  • Query builder: modify SQL queries, support MS SQL server, Oracle BI EE

  • Search reports

  • Support for PDF printing from APEX

This release includes CDs with an OUI installer for Windows, Redhat Linux, Oracle Enterprise Linux, and SUSE Linux.  The installer provides a Basic install that provides a stand alone OC4J and an Advanced install to install into an existing Application Server.  Installers for Solaris, HP and IBM coming soon.

For installation into non-OC4J based J2EE application servers and to Oracle Application Server for platforms not yet released, please follow the manual install instructions.

Get the download here.

All of the latest help and user guides are posted here.

Happy Spring!

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