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A big plug today for one of our active community members and his blog - Ike from the land of a 1000 lakes and 'food ona stick', Minnesota. The 'food ona stick' is uncorroborated from a lady I met in London who came from MN claiming that 'food ona stick' was the state dish. We did not get into the nature of the food but it was not just the obvious hot dog or candy floss. Anything that will stay on a stick long enough for you to bite it off was fair game. Kinda reminds me of CMOT Dibbler of Discworld fame, not going to tell you what he sold on a stick and Im sure its not on offer at the MN state fair!

Getting back to Ike, he writes the 'BI Publisher Blog' - note we distinguish this blog with the mandatory 'Oracle' prefix. You'll find him hanging out on the BIP forums answering question. His latest post provides information about an IDE he has come up with for developers that want/need to use the BIP APIs. Its actually a very neat packaging of the BIP jar libraries with bells and whistles that allows you to test your BIP objects without ever having to touch EBS,its UI or its concurrent managers, all in the comfort of the JDev IDE.
In his own words:

The BI Publisher IDE is a tool that was developed that allows developers to write and run reports locally from there PC without having to login into 11i or Oracle Portal.
The tool increases the speed of development because a developer can now connect to any environment (dev, test, production) or any system wercs, optiva, etc. This functionality also comes with the added benefit of not having to create or key any config, copy files, wait for concurrent manager requests or copying files/deploying them in oracle portal. The tool also fills some gaps of other reporting tools such as reports6i/9i or disco (discoverer). For instance, you can do batch testing for a single report or whole report set. Ad-hoc pl/sql is an option as well, which allows a developer to setup an environment, stage data, etc. The ability to do pl/sql on the fly is a major enhancement for any reporting tool, no homegrown or oracle reporting tool can do this. This allows a developer to not have to worry about hard coding in their report, because everything resides in the config and not the code.

Very neat - if you are just getting to grips with BIP/XMLP coding or want to speed your development times up, check out the post and get it installed.


Now where did I leave my fried egg ... ona stick of course!

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  • Jimmy Sunday, October 11, 2009
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