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I want Cool Publishing!

Don't panic folks, I have not become a turn coat. It stems from a question asking how one can remove the default page title from the Publisher server.


maybe this would be better ...


I wrote about changing some of the UI objects a while back the text on the page is another matter entirely.

Just as with the logo images, etc, we are completely off the reservation here, you are on your own. No crying to support that Tim told you to do it; Kevin and the gang will not look favorably on you. They are probably cursing me as they read this. You're big boys and gals now, just remember two words, 'back' and 'up'.

The pages you see in the application are for the most part servlet generated so there are no jsp/html files to update. Almost every string you see is translatable and it therefore exists in an xlf file. These can be updated, at your own risk of course :0)

To make the change you see above, go to the root reports repository directory then to XMLP\Admin\Translation. In there you will find the translation files that the rendering engine uses to look up strings.

In my US-en environment the file I have updated is XMLP_en_US.xlf, the particular string I was changing was this


Just find your appropriate translation file and get experimenting. As for finding which string is which. I had the benefit of the source code but most of the strings in the app are pretty obvious and easy to find in the xlf file.

So, make a back up, change the file, save it and bounce the server to see the change et voila, 'My Cool Publisher Server'!

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