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    January 7, 2010

I don't want to RTFM!

Saw a patch release today slipping past my ever growing inbox. It had an intriguing title: OPTIONAL PRINTING OF PAGES IN PDF TEMPLATES, WTF?

Digging into the bug text; some customers would like the ability to not have to print the instruction sheets in their PDF documents. In an RTF template its pretty simple but if the document is already in a PDF format why re-invent the wheel. Its a nice enhancement and available all the way back to 11i (5.6.3)

There are two parts to the solution one piece in the data and another in the template itself. For the PDF template you need to add a field to the instruction page:



this is the default command to print the instructions ie 'Y' or 'N' if you don't want them.

Now, in your data for the form you need to include a specific XML element:

 <form1>Your Text Data</form1>

Now as BIP merges the data in it will check the XML tag see whether it should be printing the instruction page or not.

The patch is not quite out of the gate but if you are interested look out for 8452335. If you need a template to check out the functionality, get it here.

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