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    November 5, 2007

Getting Windows Fonts to Linux

I received an interesting question from Mark Nelson, one of our SCs last week from a customer he is working with. It concerned fonts - as you know we use MSWord on a Windows platform to create templates. Now before you unix/linux fans ask - no we have not certified on OpenOffice or similar. We have built a few templates by hand using OO - some things work, some dont. Right ow the demand is not high enough to warrant certified support of OO or similar and the porting of the template builder to OO would be a mamouth task.

Moving swiftly on, fonts on Linux - so you build your template on Windows and lets assume you use a few external fonts, say Wingdings for some checkboxes. It all works and tests fine on your desktop - now you need to move to production on the server and you use Linux.

Where do you stand on using the MS Windows wingdings font on a linux server? Will it work? What licensing should I be aware of?

Well, we do not ship those fonts to you nor license them - I must give all credit to Mark for digging the following nugget of information up.   

Microsoft released their TTF fonts for use on other systems with no license charge, provided they were distributed in their original format.  They are no longer available on Microsoft痴 web site, to the best of our knowledge, but they are available here,

An easy way to install Microsoft's TrueType core fonts on linux   

The source forge site provides instructions on downloading and installing the fonts. I have to admit to not having tried the instructions but if any one out there can confirm or deny them I'll share experiences. 

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