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Getting EBS Output

A good question on the forum yesterday for the uninitiated EBS developer.

When I submit my request and open it using Oracle applications (via clicking on the Output button), the reports appears correctly integrated with the template. However, when I transfer the output file to my c drive and open it, it only opens as XML format. How do i get the formated version (ie the RTF version?)

By transfer Im assuming that the questioner means they are grabbing the ouput file, oXXXXXX.out  from the server and copying it to the client machine.

This is in fact the XML file from the request. In 11.5.10 the concurrent manager now generated two files

1. The XML goes to the 'out' file, oXXXXXXXX.out where the X's represent the request ID. 

2. The formatted output e.g. the PDF will go to a new file of the format


where the X's are again the request ID and the COUNT component is used to track re-published versions of the file. An example name:


There is also a new table in the CM schema to track these formatted files and associate them with a request so you can use that in any queries you might be using. Most of you will know the FND_CONCURRENT_REQUESTS table, meet FND_CONC_REQ_OUTPUTS, its far prettier sister table that holds references to your new and fabulous new report outputs. You can join them on REQUEST_ID of course.

A follow up question came, can one change the format of the naming convention for the formatted files?
Nope, the concurrent manager needs to be able to track and maintain links to these files so it needs control of the naming. Now, you could argue that as long as the files contained some unique component i.e. the request id then why should the CM care about the naming, it should be configurable. Thats the subject of an old but so far, unimplemented ehancement request for the CM boys and girls!

A quick aside ... PopQuiz!

How many valuesets do you think there are in 11i10 or R12?

I have been doing some fusion analysis because we are investigating migrating value sets(LOVs for the non-EBS'ers) for our dev teams to Fusion Publisher. To my horror, I found more than 13,000 value sets in 11i10 and more than 18,000 in R12. Now, not all of those will be involved in reporting parameters but those are huge numbers to migrate. I wonder just how many of them are duplicates, in my old Financials for EMEA team we used to try not to create a new valueset if there was one already available from another product. Gonna have to have a think about this one ...

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Comments ( 4 )
  • Binish Wednesday, July 9, 2008
    Thanks Tim for details of how xml publisher report outputs are stored and named.
    I had a requirement to attach pdf output to workflow notification, this will help me.
    I have a doubt however, why part is required? When we republish, it submits another concurrent request and the output will be stored with that new conc req id right?
  • paul macdonald Friday, August 15, 2008
    hi Tim, new SR 7029344.994, customer using PDF and EXCEL templates in Enterprise BI Publisher ( to generate BIP output with large amounts of data. They are looking into the possibility of expanding an collapsing data and understand that the PDF and XLS output types prevent the expanding & collapsing of data. They state some consultants said that if the output is switched to HTML format, that they may be able to expand(+) and collapse(-) data within these reports?
  • Tim Friday, August 15, 2008
    will help.
    Paul can you either post to the forum for these or use teh internal mailing list.
  • guest Monday, July 1, 2013

    Hi Tim

    could you possibly paste in the text from the post you mentioned:


    as it is no longer available.

    Kind Regards


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