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Get Templates from Microsoft

In the latest template builder release there is a very neat feature that we have been trying to implement for quite a while. Some of you may know that with later versions of MSWord when you click File > New, you get a task bar on the right hand side that allows you to search for 'Templates on Office Online'. This allows you to search for templates from the MS website and then download them to Word ... et voila you have a layout ready to go.


Now all you need to do is 'markup' the template with some data fields. Of course the data needs to match the functional purpose of the layout. Single header fields are simple enough, just use the Insert Field dialog to drop fields into the template.


The key feature is being able to drop the detail or 'line' fields and then wrap the grouping tags for you. You can now drop the line fields into the table row, then highlight the row and use Insert > Repeating Group.


You can then select the grouping level you want to wrap around the fields. Of course you will need to know the grouping level you wish to wrap buts its a good step forward and opens up the tool to those folks less knowledgeable about the data i.e. your funkies. They can now download a template, mark it up, test and deploy very quickly.

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