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Ever since we first released BIP in 2004 or what was back then, for the old schoolers amongst us, XMLP I have been asked, 'Where's the training?'
We were a little stymied by our VP telling folks that they did not need training, XMLP was/is that easy. For the most part, its true, but many people like some hand holding, beginners docs, etc - Im in that camp. So began an uphill battle (maybe too strong a word) to get an XMLP training course from Oracle University. Its finally arrived and new locations are being added constantly, check out the OU site for more details:

Oracle XML Publisher Fundamentals  - Locations

The development team have had a lot of input and Bill Sawyer, one of our best curriculum writers has put together a great course which is informative and best of all useful. A high level agenda:

I got an update from Leta on a more updated agenda


  • Understand the course agenda

  • Describe the Oracle XML technology stack

  • Describe the uses of Oracle BI Publisher

  • Explain the limitations of classic tools

  • Describe the advantages of Oracle BI Publisher

  • Describe the basic structure of Oracle BI Publisher

Oracle BI Publisher ArchitectureDescribe the components of Oracle BI Publisher

  • Describe the architecture of Oracle BI Publisher

  • Describe the technology of Oracle BI Publisher

Introduction to XML Standards

  • Describe XML, XSL, and other X Standards objects

  • List the components of an XML document

  • Create a well-formed XML document

  • Describe XML namespaces

  • Describe a DTD

  • Describe XML Schema

  • Describe XML Path Language (XPath)

  • Describe XSL and XSL Transformations (XSLT)

Installing Oracle BI Publisher Desktop

  • Install Oracle BI Publisher Desktop

Introduction to Oracle BI Publisher Desktop

  • Create and use a basic RTF template for Oracle BI Publisher using Oracle BI Publisher Desktop

RTF Templates

  • Explain the capabilities of an RTF template in Oracle BI Publisher

  • Describe the two methods to create Oracle BI Publisher RTF templates

Advanced RTF Template Techniques

  • Describe the advanced capabilities of  RTF templates

Other Templates

  • Describe the basics of a PDF template for Oracle BI Publisher

  • Describe the advanced capabilities of PDF templates for Oracle BI Publisher

  • Describe the basics of an eText template in Oracle BI Publisher

Installing Oracle BI Publisher Enterprise

  • Install Oracle BI Publisher Enterprise 5.6.2

  • Install Oracle BI Publisher 5.6.2 patches for an E-Business Suite instance

Oracle BI Publisher Enterprise Administation

  • Administer the Oracle BI Publisher Enterprise

BI Publisher Enterprise

  • Access the Oracle BI Publisher Enterprise

  • View and schedule reports

  • Create a new report

Translating Reports

  • Describe the options for translating reports using BI Publisher.

  • Create the translation files using BI Publisher Desktop.

  • Create the translation files using BI Publisher Enterprise.

Building a Data Template

  • Understand the XML Publisher data template

  • Create a data template

  • Associate that data template to a report

The E-Business Suite Development Process

  • Understand the process of creating an BI Publisher solution

  • Use an existing Oracle Report as an XML source for XML Publisher

  • Create a data definition registration

  • Create a template registration

  • Upload a template

  • Run an BI Publisher report

There is something there for EBS and BIP Enterprise users alike. Those of you looking for JDE and PEopleSoft training, its in the works and wiil be found on their respective training sites.

I have to say, because of the long wait for the course many of you have gone out and got stuck in and learnt it yourselves. Its called XML Publisher Fundamentals - if you know how to add a barocde, or know what this command will do in a template, <?for-each:INVOICE_LINES[TYPE!='TAX'] or you know what the OPP in EBS or you already understand how to add a BIP report to a BIEE dshboard then I think you are beyond this course. Its an excellent introduction to the technology. Its now partially my responsibility to get more advanced content up here on this blog and onto OTN ... any requests?

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  • Rehan Yusuf Thursday, June 5, 2008
    Hello Tim,
    Thanks for the post ! ... and did I hear you mention "requests" ? I have one. Do we have any documentation around using XPath Syntax in your RTF Templates ? I'm having trouble implementing XPath Axes (especially for ancestor node search) in my RTF Template.
    Appreciate any help in this regard.
    Cheers !
    Rehan Yusuf
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