Securing Burst Output Documents

Putting aside the scheduling posts, I have just one more. I got a good question this morning that I thought was simple but turned out to need, some probably long forgotten functionality.

How do I secure PDF output when bursting?

Just set the PDF security to 'on' and then set the security features you want in the report configuration page, right? Maybe, but the more detailed requirement is the password for the document needs to be the last four characters of the customer's account number. That requirement moves down to the burst output documents i.e. its more detailed than a password set at the report level. How can you achieve that?

A bit of thinking and I alighted upon the little used and almost forgotten since the advent of a nice and friendly user interface; ability to embed document properities into the RTF template. Using this method I can embed the properties at the right level ie document and I can pick up the password from the account number. Of course there will only be one account number to find because we are splitting by customer in our burst; if you are splitting by invoice then you will need to modify the data set to bring the password in as needed.

Adding the properties is straightforward enough in Word 200-2003 (File -> Properties.) Finding the property dialog in 2007 is a tougher. Hit the button, top left -> Prepare -> Properties -> Advanced Properties.

Now its case of getting to the Custom tab then entering:

Name - enter the XML Publisher property name prefixed with "xdo-"
Type - select "Text"
Value - enter the property value. To reference an element from the incoming
XML data, enter the path to the XML element enclosed by curly braces. For
example: {/root/password}

So to add the password to the PDF output document you will need the follwoing properties to be set:

Name:xdo-pdf-security - this enables the PDF security.
Value: true

Name: xdo-pdf-open-password
Value: {/root/password} - this will be 'looked up' at runtime

You can of course add anything else that you might like to use xdo-pdf-no-printing, xdo-pdf-no-changing-the-docment, encryption levels, etc.

You can now burst your documents to your customers, suppliers, staff, etc and provide various levels of security that you might need and they can use a password personal to them. Happy Bursting!


Hi Tim, Nice post. But in my case I need to send secured HTML file through bursting. Could you please help me in this case. Thanks, Kishore

Posted by Kishore on March 01, 2010 at 08:51 PM MST #

Tim, Thanks for your continuous post. Is there a way to define the dynamic output file name for the bursting like Invoice_Supplier1_Inv#_TotalAmount.pdf? Thanks !

Posted by John on April 21, 2010 at 08:42 AM MDT #

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Lauretta, thank you for the detailed and well thought out response! That is exactly the sort of conversation I want to see grow out of CV!

Posted by Mary Nincehelsor on August 11, 2010 at 06:26 AM MDT #

Brendan thanks for the input, I hope we see more of you in the comment stream!

Posted by Allyson Settlement on August 24, 2010 at 04:46 AM MDT #

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