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Many of you know that publisher requires some 'extras' to get your document to a printer in a legible format. There are now printers that can handle the PDF format natively but the majority of printers need to have the PDf converted to either Postscript (PS) or Printer Control Language(PCL). We have recommended a couple of converters to help you out with this.

Ghostscript, offers both PS and PCL converters the other product we recommend is xpdf from foolabs and we have many of you using both products very successfully. In spite of their robustness many of you have expressed concern - 'it's another moving part in the whole document generation process' - 'and it's not owned by Oracle' -  both fair comments and I can understand the concern - however we have faith in these solutions and will help you to use them.

For BIP Standlaone users there is some good news, we have now built our own Postscript libraries to convert from PDF to PS. Very easy to use when setting up your printers in the user inteface.

As you can see its simple to use and if you want to continue to use another converter thats simple too. There are some caveats and limitations:

This release of the PDF to PostScript converter has the following limitations:

  • Only PDF version 1.4 or earlier is supported. This is also the currently supported version of the Oracle BI Publisher PDF output.

  • CID fonts, which are used mainly to support languages with large sets of glyphs like Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, are only supported when embedded in the PDF.

  • Transparent and half-tone renderings are not supported.

  • DeviceN color space is not supported.

  • Shading patterns are not fully supported.

  • Vertical writing is not supported.

Not forgetting you EBS and other apps users out there - this functionality will be coming to an application near you later this year (for EBS) and next year for others.



Hi Tim, First of all, I would like to thank you for having such a resourceful blog and writing every bits and pieces of helpful notes about bi publisher. I am having difficulty with printing pdf landscape reports in BIP. The report is Oracle sample report under Shared Folders\Executives\Quarterly_Income_Statement report. View the report in pdf is fine. It's showing as landscape. However, on sending that report to printer without viewing or scheduling that report to printer, the report came out portrait and cut the rightmost column. I have also seek help on metalink and did not get any hint or answer. (SR 7404264.993). The report is coming out as when you view the report in pdf, uncheck "Auto rotate and center" and select "None" in Page_Scaling. We have set up BI Publisher Enterprise standalone We have setup windows printers as well as cups printers on BIP. Could you please give your expert opinion and tips on that? Thanking your in advance, Myo

Posted by Myo Thane on April 02, 2009 at 05:26 AM MDT #

Hi Tim, I saw your article titled "Printing Garbage". Very useful article. We have Oracle R 12.0.6 installed at one client site and they want to print PDF reports to printer using XML Publisher shipped with R12. Our XDO version is 4.5.0. I know I will have to install ghostscript or Xpdf as a solution. But I do want to use that. Since this article was written in Sept 2007, I would like to whether Option "Postscript libraries to convert from PDF to PS." is available for R12 users. At the end of your article you mentioned "Not forgetting you EBS and other apps users out there - this functionality will be coming to an application near you later this year (for EBS) and next year for others." Its now year 2010. Just wondering If I upgrade to XDO 5.6.3 will it help. Regards, Irfan Momin Deloitte Consulting

Posted by Irfan Momin on January 28, 2010 at 04:37 AM MST #

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