Oracle Reports Migration Gotcha!

In recent weeks I have been working with several customers on the migration utility. As those that have used will know, its not perfect by any means. But it does get you down the path of migration a fair way.

I spent half an hour scratch my hairless head (Ive run out of hair to pull out so resort to scratching now :) this morning. It was over a variable population error, the value was too large for the variable e.g. squeezing 'Larkspur' into a varchar(2) will not go! What was meant to happen was a code e.g. LK was supposed to go into the variable.

As you may know, BIP supports LOVs for parameters, you have the option of showing a user value but passing a code to the query. It seems that Oracle Reports works things the other way round i.e. pass the first and show the second ... grrrrr!


A quick look see at Oracle Reports reveals that yep, they use code, user_value whereas BIP uses user_vale, code ... dang!
A look at the XML rendition of the LOV shows that we might be able to get the converter to be a little more intelligent.

<istOfValues restrictToList="yes">
<selectStatement hideFirstColumn="no">
<![CDATA[select last_name, employee_id from employees]]>

If nothing else, if there are two columns being retrieved then in the converter we need to swap them.

For now, its a manual job to switch them. You now know that rather then become bald, like me, check those LOV values and swap em if necessary ... now where is that bottle of Rogaine?


Hi Tim, We're trying to use the reports that we wrote for EBS in BIP OBIEE now. I tried pasting the data source into OBIEE, but I am getting errors. How do you easily use the EBS reports in OBIEE? It seems as if the data source should be in xdo, not xml. Any suggestions you could give me would be great! Thanks, Cathy

Posted by Cathy on May 11, 2009 at 06:34 AM MDT #

Hello Tim, I have done recently a migration from Oracle reports to BI Publisher. Some of the migration gotcha's I got: Order by in combination with break groups in Reports VS Oracle BI Publisher (important) Unions has weird results External query problems Left group reports cannot be accomplished in BI publisher I am documenting the issues. One of these days I will send you the examples using HR schema. My own impression: migration utility is a helpfull tool. But you cannot trust it. You can use it as a guide. The template rtf is not usable. You have to make changes. Migration is not difficult, so the migration utility is not a showstopper and when you get the hang of it you can quickly migrate a lot of reports

Posted by msonsuz on June 04, 2009 at 08:41 PM MDT #

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Posted by Glynda Fitser on February 23, 2010 at 07:10 AM MST #

Many many thanks for that insight on this topic. It's been difficult to get data it seems.

Posted by June Balo on August 23, 2010 at 12:08 PM MDT #

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