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Not normally a blog for this type of thing but what the heck ... yesterday I got an email, like some poison chain letter, OK maybe not that bad. I have been blog tagged by Floyd over at JPL. I have yet to meet the great man - I caught him hanging out at the back of my session at OOW but could not get through all folks at the end to catch him. He'll be at OAUG in Denver later in the spring when maybe the snow will have gone and its my mission to share a bevvy or three with him. I have seen a couple of these tag thangs pass me by in recent months and both times it was a relief to pass under the radar. My sincerest thanks go to Jake for kicking off the latest round - this is a slight variation which is a little more fun - 8 things you never knew about me and then add 8 more victims, sorry willing participants to become 'it'.

You see in dear ol'Blighty we dont call it 'tag' we call it 'it' - sounds far more nasty and mean for your average 10 year old in the UK 'you're IT' At least we used to call it 'it', as Americanism sweeps the world maybe UK kids 'tag' each other and I dont mean with spray cans although that may be case now too ... the UK is going to the dogs to coin a phrase. Every time I get to go back I am more amazed - maybe its my new found American 'prudism' but full frontal nudity on the BBC and the ubiquitous F word - I was shocked the last time I was back.

Getting back on track, 8 things you never knew but always wanted to ask me ...

1. I used to be a beach bum - yes the UK has beaches and passable summers. In my youth, I spent warm summer daze teaching 'hot' young ladies to windsurf and on the not so warm, ripping 15ft waves in gale force winds going for barrel rolls to impress the 'hot' young ladies.

2. I flunked high school the first time round - see #1 then I woke up :0)

3. I used to have masses of hair ... honest! Before my two boys arrived I used to have a huge mop of hair - over the years it has all too rapidly run off and left me. My youngest (11) tells me I have a 'mushroom' on my head poking through the remaining strands. Rogaine is beckoning ... it may be too late ...

4. In a previous life I used to sell fine wine - after #2 I decided to see the world by sailing around it on yachts. Being young and restless and terrible with money I burned through it all in a few short months and found myself working for Oddbins in the UK selling wine and beers from all over the world. Good times, my shops takings growing massively year on year until the recession in the early nineties when my pampered 'Lloyds name' customers went from spending 500 GBP a month to almost nothing - tough times. I bailed and ...

5. Got my degree at 31 with 2 kids - yep, I got a second chance. My parents paid my mortgage for 4 years while I busted my chops getting a degree and working crappy jobs to make ends meet. Some of the happiest days of our lives I tell my wife, I think she agrees - hey, it beat the 100 hour weeks I was putting in at the wine shop. We're still together and I still worship the ground she walks on ...

6. I ride a Harley - after years of skateboarding to work when we lived in Foster City just next door to HQ we bought a house in the East Bay. Car pooling took its toll on my nearest and dearest. 'What I need is a motorbike dear', 'No tolls, no traffic - I'll be home in no time' - that was my opening gambit and it worked. I was gobsmacked to find myself sitting astride an HD DynaGlide with 1300cc of noisy great American motor throbbing between ... ahem ... moving on :0)

7. I talk too much - why use one word when twenty will make things far more interesting. Remember when you were told to ask 'open' questions of a potential recruit or to start conversations at parties. I have perfected answering the 'closed' question with at least a 5 minute diatribe, ask my colleagues, ask my customers, ask my wife and kids!

8. I love weather - being British I have a healthy interest in the weather. When we first moved to sunny NorCal in '99 a new friend assured me that I would get bored of the weather. Did he know how much it rained in the UK - California sunshine - gimme gimme gimme and damn the cost of sun lotion! I have to admit having now moved to Colorado, California weather is boring - its either sunny and warm (Apr-Nov) - bloody hot (for about 3 weeks in July) or torrentially wet (Dec-Mar.)
We have been here just over a year and boy is the weather interesting - we had snow in May, a glorious summer and we have seasons. Yes, the Aspens in our yard, now bare and skeletal will be bursting with vibrant green leaves by May and turning a fabulous gold and falling by November. I have home weather station where I have tracked temperatures as low as -20F (-29C) and as high as 100F (38C), seen 5 feet of snow fall in a day, hail as big as golf balls- been wrapped up in 4 layers with gloves and hat one day and be in shorts and a t shirt the next - I love this place.

Ok, thats my eight - hopefully a little interesting and next time you see me you have eight things to get me talking about plus anything and all  things 'Publisher'. Now for the next eight, sorry guys, at least you get a link from me ...

First up
Abhinav Agarwal - Mr BI, nuff said.
Gareth Roberts - from down under but the posh part
PeopleSoft Tipster - cos its not just EBS Publisher love we're sharing here
Joe Gum - of Finapps and Reports Repository fame
Dmitri Gielis- cos he writes a danged good APEX blog that I have gotten a lot from
Ike Wiggins - who writes a BIP blog and is on the forum a lot and who sent me masses of info on an easy JDev/BIP development set up and I have not passed it on yet for which I feel baaad and will rectify ASAP
Steve Meunch - for a great ADF blog and the kind of mind that came up with regrouping in XSL1.0
and last but certainly not least BIPGirl - she's mysterious but helping BIP noobs everywhere.




You were on my initial list, but I figured you'd ignore me via spam filter or some such. This is good stuff. I can't wait to read the 8 from the people on your list.

Posted by Jake on January 08, 2008 at 09:00 AM MST #

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